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Sales Software

Shop through sales software listings and take your next step toward amplifying your sales team's productivity with automation

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Remote Candidates

Shop profiles of pre-vetted remote job seekers and take the next step toward filling your remote job openings

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Sales Training Courses

Shop through a curated catalog of on-demand sales training courses and take your next step in professional growth

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Sales Agencies

Shop profiles of pre-vetted sales agencies and take the next step toward filling your remote job openings

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Find Sales Agencies

You can use the CloudTask Marketplace to streamline your search for sales agencies that best fit for your business needs. You’ll find details about services, rates, and case studies for 210+ agencies from across the globe that specialize in executing revenue operations tasks.

Find Remote Job Candidates

You can use the CloudTask Marketplace to find eligible candidates for your remote RevOps job openings, with significantly less effort. You’ll gain access to video profiles, work experience, and monthly rates for 500+ pre-screened remote work candidates seeking customer-facing roles that you can consider for your team. 

Find Sales Software

You can use the CloudTask Marketplace to find, not just unbiased profiles for sales software products, but also video interviews with software brands, so you can get a behind-the-scenes look at each solution and avoid losing time on demo meetings for products that won’t fit your requirements.

Find Sales Training

You can use the CloudTask Marketplace to tap into a curated collection of online sales training courses focused on B2B sales, crafted by seasoned sales professionals, and updated regularly to reflect market realities, so that you can gain the edge you need to take your revenue generation capabilities to the next level.

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