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5 Reasons You Need a Remote Customer Support Team

You’ve probably heard that remote work is the future, but have you ever stopped and asked yourself why it's now considered to be almost popular, in fashion? Do you really need a remote support team? Is it just another passing craze, or is it something that you seriously need to consider implementing for the good of your own business?



Why Now?


Don't get left behind. Hiring a remote customer support team means more to you and your company than you think. Scaling is easier, office expenses are eliminated and customer satisfaction is increased.


With the improvement of worldwide connection and ever growing technology to support remote workers, customer support jobs can be done from anywhere around the globe. This is why they are now one of the first and most active sectors in the remote work world.



Why Is It Important?


Because taking care of customer service yourself is no longer an option and because roping in an intern to answer phones and reply to messages for not one, but hundreds of customers doesn't cut it anymore. 


Just when you think you have a handle on customer service, the landscape seems to become more complicated. You’ve finally got the hang of phone and email support when you hear live chat help desks are where it’s at right now. You’re happy at last with a new helpdesk software and automated ticketing system when you realize that it’s essential to interact with your customers on social media.



Is it right for you?


If you are a growing business looking for excellent customer service handling, then yes it's for you.


Just as you would take your car to a professional to have it serviced and fix any problems, because you're not a mechanic, as a business owner you may want to think about the same approach with your customer service. You have more important things to think about like managing business operations, you probably don’t have the time to take on customer support as well. 


Client Support exists for reasons just like these and these are the tell-tale signs that you need an on-demand support team:



Reasons Why You Need a Remote Customer Support Team



#1 -  You’re Growing Quickly


There’s a turning point in every business when you start to need help with tasks that until now were comfortably taken care of in-house. If you want to retain clients, you'll need a dedicated team of experts to grow your business even further.


#2 - Multitasking No Longer Works


Small teams where everyone wears different hats is fine when multitasking between administrative tasks. Customer success however, requires more refined skills if you’re aiming for services that will ensure clients regularly and actively use your product or service. When your human resources are limited and multitasking no longer works, it’s essential to use multi-channel, multi-tier support.



#3 - You Need a Personal Touch


With a growing business you may find yourself in that awkward phase with staff who are subject matter experts but whose soft or people facing skills are rough around the edges. These qualities cannot be learnt from a book and take years of experience to develop. With an on-demand client support team however, there is no need to worry as you have access to professionals who have had years of practice refining their soft skills such as listening, summarising and etiquette.



#4 - Incorporating Client Feedback is Important to You


The right customer support can do so much more than just field incoming support queries, and becomes increasingly critical as you scale your business. Listening  to your customers should be high on your priority list, not just to make sure they’re happy but to learn from them so that you can enhance customer experience, improve your offering and develop new products or services that are user friendly.



#5 - You’re Looking for a Cost-Effective Support Solution


Hiring a remote support team will save you time and money as it reduces overhead costs such as new office space and equipment as well as removing the need to on-board an in-house client support team. At the same time, it guarantees quality and reduces risk by using professionals that have already been vetted and have years of experience.


If you’re part of a growing company and could relate to these five points, then it’s time to take the plunge and find the right on-demand support team.



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