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6 Ways HubSpot Sales Pro Helps you Master Inbound Sales

HubSpot Sales Professional gives you everything you need to master inbound sales.


Whilst Sales Starter is okay for smaller and growing teams, Sales Pro is for organizations that want to take their growth to the next level. Here are some of the key features that separate it from it’s younger brother.


Sales Workflow Automation


In Sales Pro you can use workflows to automate manual, time consuming tasks: Rotate leads, create deals, generate tasks, and more...


Let’s say you pick up a lead at a trade show. With workflows that lead can be automatically assigned to a sales person or by round-robin (the ability to divide your leads evenly between your sales team), a task reminder set for a follow-up, a deal automatically created, and a tailored email scheduled for 3 days later, all because it was set-up in a workflow. Simple, easy and efficient!


Predictive Lead Scoring


Predictive Lead Scoring allows you to score a leads’ likelihood to convert to a customer. The feature uses an account’s historical data to learn about the positive attributes that are more likely to result in happy customers as well as negative ones that show a lead isn’t qualified.


This helps prioritize which leads to pass to sales and identify which marketing strategies are most effective for example.


Don’t Miss a Trick


Smart notifications are available to bring up the most important leads and tasks. It analyzes all your sales notifications over the previous 24 hours, then finds and allocates high priority ones at the top of your feed. No longer miss the crucial tasks.


Unlimited Custom Reports, Maximum Optimization


Each user can build reports from scratch and edit any template or report they want, in as many different dashboards or views as they like. You could have a dashboard dedicated to the performance of each sales person, a separate one for phone calls, one for emails, voicemails, and any additional feature you can think of. Whatever key point you want to see, it’s all there to view.


With this feature you can easily analyze key data to enhance your strategy, and optimize until everyone has the winning formula.


Salesforce Integration


If you’re using Salesforce and HubSpot together, you really need to make sure the two are integrated to ensure consistency and organizational alignment. An absolute must when studies show highly aligned sales and marketing teams achieved 38% more sales. Only in Sales Pro can you use the SFDC Connector to integrate between the two systems.


And Much More


‘Teams’, ‘Required Fields’, ‘Multi-Deal Pipelines’, ‘Products’, and ‘Advanced Views’ are only available in Pro. From ensuring your team fill in all the essential information needed to analyze your data, to diving deep into analysis and views, these features give you that little extra advantage.


By flicking between the different HubSpot packages you can see exactly what’s available in what version of HubSpot.


In short with Sales Pro...


You Have Everything you Need to Succeed


If like us you’re working to master inbound sales, we understand you, it’s not easy, but with Sales Pro you have all the tools to succeed.


It’s why we choose to use it and it’s why we choose to market it. Yes it may cost a little more, but for the extra revenue it enables you to bring in, the investment is more than worth it.


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