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Grow Your Remote Work Career Through The CloudTask Marketplace!

Contracts Ranging From $800 - $10,000 USD Per Month 

Start gaining access to the job openings, resources, and support you need to find remote work for your skills and show clients that you're the one they want:

  • Receive Emails and texts about remote software sales gig openings
  • Connect with like-minded people to share advice and resources in our Private Facebook Group
  • Refer other qualified candidates and get paid when they get hired

...and much more!

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How It Works

Step 1. Create Your Video Profile

Record your CloudTask Marketplace profile video, which serves as your advertisement to companies that you are a Candidate ready for hire. This is where you’ll introduce yourself to the world and highlight your professional experience, past performance (ex., How many calls you made per week, how many meetings you booked per month, how many sales you closed per month, etc.), and other information that will attract your ideal Companies.

Step 2. Profile Review and Approval

One of our Sales Outsourcing Specialists will review your profile for approval within 5 business days of your submission. Occasionally, we may contact you to provide feedback and resources to help you maximize your chances of getting shortlisted for job openings, crush your interviews, and get HIRED. This will likely be via Email, so keep an eye on your inbox.

Step 3. Promote Your Profile

Once your profile is approved, your profile will be added to our Marketplace so that hiring Companies can review your profile and invite you to compete for gigs. The more "in-demand" your profile is -- in other words, the more Companies want the skills, mindset, and potential performance you bring to the table -- the more invitations you'll get. REMEMBER: Your future clients decide whether they want to invite you to compete for a gig or not.

Step 4. Compete for full-time Remote Work

When a company invites you to compete for its gig, you’ll receive an email from us to schedule a time to pitch your services to a representative from the hiring company. This meeting will take place via web meeting. 

PRO TIP: Responding promptly to meeting invitations and consistently showing up prepared to demonstrate how you can create more value for the company than your competitors will give you the best chance of winning contracts for more of the gigs you want. 

Step 5. Accept Gig

If the hiring company decides to award you the gig, you will receive a notification that you won the gig from the hiring company. 

Step 6. Get Onboarded

Once you’ve accepted the gig, you’re off to the races! The hiring company will take over from here to get you onboarded: Collect your payment details, set you up for training, etc. 

Register As A Remote Worker Candidate In The CloudTask Marketplace TODAY!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of participating in the CloudTask Marketplace?

It’s free to join the CloudTask Marketplace, complete your profile, search for buyers, and create your own listings. When we send you a payout, we keep 15% of the transaction.

Do I have to record a video to be able to apply to open requests for sales candidates in the CloudTask Marketplace?

Yes, we need a video to rate your profile and determine if it meets the CloudTask Marketplace requirements.

Will I be working directly for CloudTask?

When you win a contract, you will be working directly for the hiring company represented in the request.

Does my location matter when applying for sales candidate requests?

Generally, the majority allow you to work from anywhere. But, if there is a restriction related to a specific request for sales candidates, you will find those in the details of the request.

What is the policy regarding solicitation outside of the Marketplace?

Sellers should not solicit an active Buyer outside the Marketplace for a period of an additional twelve (12) months after they meet or transact through the CloudTask Marketplace.

Join The CloudTask Marketplace TODAY!