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Find Sales Agencies

You can now view and stay updated with profiles of Sales Agencies across the world on the CloudTask website. If you don’t have access already, click the image below to get instant access. 

Bookmark the CloudTask Marketplace Agency List page so you can always stay up-to-date with the latest available sales agencies. - Pro Tip

Sales Software Reviews

The "Sales Software Reviews" podcast is like a fun tech show all about tools that help people sell stuff better. We talk to leaders of software brands about what's good or not so good about their products, so you can get the info you need to pick the best tool for your company.

In the Transform Sales Podcast: Sales Software Review #87, Mark Troy, Founder and CEO at Union Resolute, introduces their software product called CallSine. CallSine is a sales automation tool that allows sales teams to send highly personalized emails to their prospect database. Mark explains that CallSine saves time by automating the creation of personalized emails and improves engagement levels, resulting in higher open rates, replies, and click-through rates. The software can pull data from public domain websites, and users can create different playbooks to guide the AI in generating personalized emails. Mark emphasizes the importance of AI training and highlights CallSine’s ability to save time and increase efficiency for sales reps.

Featured Resources

Beginner's Guide to Outbound Sales


The Beginner’s Guide to Outbound Sales provides companies with established methods for attracting, evaluating, and onboarding remote candidates. It serves as manual, empowering you to seamlessly integrate remote talent into your workforce. 

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