The Best Metrics To Track and Improve an SDR Performance?


It’s a challenge How to Track and Improve an SDR Performance and What You’re Doing To Ensure Your Sales Development Reps Stay Motivated To Perform At The Best Of Their Abilities For As Long As Possible Compares To This Advice From 8 Lead Generation Experts At B2B Lead Generation Companies

Few people express that they enjoy receiving unsolicited cold phone calls, cold e-mails, or cold LinkedIn Connection Requests.

However, starting conversations with potential customers (most of whom aren’t waiting around to hear from them) through emails, phone calls, and LinkedIn with the ultimate objective of booking sales meetings for Account Executives is exactly what SDRs are responsible for doing. 

SDRs deal with a lot of rejection, so burnout and attrition in the role can be high.

In 2010, it was common to have average tenure in excess of three years(44% of respondents)…Now, Average rep tenure now sits at 1.5 years.”

 The Bridge Group’s 2021 Sales Development Report

So, which metrics are most important to track to ensure your Sales Development Reps stay motivated to perform at the best of their abilities for as long as possible?

Below 8 Lead Generation experts from B2B Lead Generation Companies share their #1 metrics for tracking and improving how well Sales Development Reps engage, qualify, and set appointments with prospects.

 Tips To Improve an SDR Performance

What Is Your Favorite Metric To Use To Track and Improve Your SDR Team’s Performance

improve an SDR performance

"Conversion rates in each step of the sales cycle."

Andres Conejo

"Meetings that converted to the next stage in the sales cycle. What percentage of meetings you book move past meetings held."

Blake Johnston 


Blake Jhonston Blog Image
tom birch

"Conversion Rates to Commission this is the main motivator."

Tom Birch

"The best Sales Reps are constantly connecting, following up and sharing and articulating value. Hard to find." 

Jeff Courtney


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Ben Goldberg

"Post meeting a meeting quality rank enables optimization to the company type and title ranges with the best outcomes."

Ben Goldberg

"Response time."

Chris Battis
Union Resolute


Chris Beatle
Jakob Thusgaard

"Their sales velocity number as output of their version of the sales velocity equation."

Jakob Thusgaard

"If we're focusing solely on the rep it would be connect conversion rate. This is found by dividing the number of meetings set by the number of connects across all channels (phone, email replies, and LinkedIn DM replies). This is the area that reps have the biggest influence over. ”

Matt Aird
Sales Science


Matt Aird

Monitoring key metrics is crucial in ensuring the success and longevity of your SDRs. From conversion rates and meeting quality ranks to response times and sales velocity numbers, understanding these metrics allows you to pinpoint areas for improvement and celebrate your team’s successes. Implementing strategies to enhance these metrics not only boosts individual SDR performance but also contributes to the overall growth and efficiency of your sales department. Providing continuous training, constructive feedback, and setting realistic goals are essential to keep your SDRs motivated and engaged.

To improve an SDR performance, leverage tools like CRM systems and performance dashboards, which can offer real-time insights into your SDRs’ activities and results. Additionally, creating a culture of recognition and reward for high performers can significantly impact their motivation and retention.

Remember, the key to a thriving sales team is not just about hitting numbers but fostering an environment where SDRs feel valued and supported in their roles.

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