Sales Agency Growth Newsletter | August 2023


Sales Agency Requests

You can now view all active sales agency requests that are available through the CloudTask Marketplace on the CloudTask website.  

Bookmark the CloudTask Marketplace Sales Agency Request Posts page so you can always stay up-to-date with the latest available sales agency requests. - Sales Agency Growth Pro

Market Trends

Rolling 90-Day Trend Data For Lead Generation & Sales Services

Outsourced Sales Providers

Over the last 90 days, website searches for the Outsourced Sales Providers category rose 4.15% from 17,403 in last month’s report (July 2023) to 18,126 August 2023. Of those searching, 53.5% were categorized as Internet & Software companies.

Lead Generation Services

Over the last 90 days, website searches for Lead Generation Services, rose 3.6% from 49,825 visits as of last month’s report to 51,616 this month. Of those searching, 23.2% were categorized as Internet & Software companies.

See how web searches and active buyer volume for Lead Generation Services and Outsourced Sales Providers are trending and use it to sharpen your competitive edge: tailor your strategies, optimize your offerings, and ultimately drive growth for your agency. - Sales Agency Growth Pro

Sales Agency Spotlight

On the "Sales Agency Spotlight" series we chat with agency leaders about how they work, what techniques they use, and who they've helped become successful to help you select your ideal sales agency.

In the Transform Sales Podcast #46, Amir Reiter spoke to Rick Pizzoli, Founder and CEO of Sales Force Europe about some common mistakes buyers make when looking to hire a Sales Agency. Rick highlights the significance of having a solid plan in place and treating your Sales Agency as an integral part of your team.

Need To Staff Up???

Meet Your Virtual Bench! Now you’ve got one more tool in your tool belt for finding and hiring SDR’s, Account Executives, Customer Success Reps, etc. for new client accounts: The CloudTask Marketplace. 

Check out this month’s featured profiles of Remote Candidates who have been hired through the CloudTask Marketplace to get a feel for the type of talent you might find when the time is right.

Featured Resources

2023 RevOps Partner Tracks Virtual Event

This Virtual Event is hosted by and designed for top Revops and B2B agencies and consultants looking to help their clients build scalable sales systems!

Join us if you’d like to meet new partners, hear what strategies top revops agencies are using, and learn 6 new in-demand services you can provide for you clients.

The Virtual Event is on August 16, 2023 starting at 12 PM EST.

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