Sales Agency Spotlight: Outreachly’s “LinkedIn Positive Reply Program”


When I ask Buyers, “What is your single biggest challenge when it comes to choosing a Lead Generation Company?” the most common answer I hear is: “They look the same.”

At first glance, it seems true, most B2B Lead Generation Companies look the same:

  • They offer similar services and pricing models 
  • They seem to use the same tools and processes 
  • They all claim to deliver more meetings and sales

However, once you get past the sales pitches and into the operational details, which can take several conversations, you’ll find that each service provider actually delivers their services in a slightly different way.

Our Sales Agency Spotlight Series, is designed to bring those differentiators to the surface.

We ask leaders from Sales Agencies to choose one of their service offerings and walk us through the operational details so Buyers, have a better understanding of what to expect from onboarding, to the everyday execution, to reporting on performance of their lead generation campaigns. 

In this Sales Agency Spotlight article, I’m talking to Tom Birch, CEO of Outreachly, about the details of one of Outreachly’s LinkedIn Lead Generation Programs that promises “No Risk…Only Rewards.”

Sales Agency Spotlight Outreachlys LinkedIn Positive Reply Program
Outreachly At-A-Glance
Outreachly is a B2B lead generation company headquartered in the United Kingdom that specializes in engaging with prospects via LinkedIn to generate sales qualified leads and discovery meetings for companies looking to sell B2B products in the United Kingdom, Northern Europe, and USA and Canada markets.
Year Founded: 2021Product Types with most cases studiesCybersecurity SoftwareCybersecurity IT ServicesCybersecurity Consulting ServicesProgram Highlight: LinkedIn Positive Reply ProgramProgram Price Range: $6,000 – $14,000

Question #1

What Program or Service Offering From Outreachly Do You Want To Highlight For People Who Are Considering Outsourcing Lead Generation For Their Brands – Now Or In The Future?

Let’s talk about our LinkedIn Positive Reply Program.

It’s a pay-for-performance lead generation program for companies looking to generate sales meeting requests from prospects on LinkedIn. 

Using our proprietary technology and LinkedIn Prospecting expertise, we work with clients to create targeted prospect lists, craft personalized messages, send connection requests, and send follow-up messages to new connections, so their internal teams can focus on closing deals. 

And, we are so confident in our process for generating positive replies from prospects through LinkedIn that we guarantee results on this program.

We like to describe this program as: stress-free lead generation! No Risk…Only Rewards.

Question #2

What are the Pricing & Terms for this program?

This program is performance-based, so you’re paying to get 25 positive replies from your defined prospect pool on LinkedIn. For that you pay $1125, which equates to $45 per reply, and we work until we get you those 25 positive replies. 

We don’t stop until we’ve achieved the 25 replies. That means if it takes us 3 months to get you your 25 positive replies, then you’ll only be invoiced one time in three months. Similarly, if you got your 25 positive replies in 1 week and you wanted more, then you’d pay a new $1125 invoice and we’ll continue with our outreach.

However, for complete peace of mind, we offer a 21-day money back guarantee – if you don’t get any positive replies within any 21-day period we’ll refund you 100% of any unused balance.

There is an Onboarding Fee and a minimum requirement to use 2 LinkedIn Profiles for this program. We typically use LinkedIn profiles for designated people in the company – which helps build the personal brands of key company members and provides a following that that person can sell to into perpetuity. However, if the client doesn’t have a LinkedIn profile that can be used, we can create new LinkedIn profiles for the campaign. 

The onboarding fee is $295 for the first LinkedIn profile and $195 for any additional LinkedIn profiles, so on our entry level set up, using 2 LinkedIn profiles that would be an onboarding fee of $490.

We get this question often, so I might as well just say it: Yes, you can add more LinkedIn accounts for our Positive Reply Service and this is highly recommended. This will create more positive replies, more quickly for you.

Question #3

What Type Of Buyer Is The Best Fit For This Program With Your Agency?

We’ve had success working with companies selling a variety of products and services, but if you’re a company selling Cybersecurity SoftwareCybersecurity IT Services, and/or Cybersecurity Consulting Services to mid-market and enterprise Financial Services, Industrial Goods, or Information Technology Services companies in the USA, Canada, or Northern Europe (including the UK of course) and wants to generate sales qualified leads through LinkedIn, we can most likely knock it out of the park for you with this program.

Question #4

Once they sign, how long does it take to get your client’s campaign launched on this Program?

Normally, it takes us about 2 weeks to launch a campaign with this program. 

During that 2 week period we focus on getting trained on the client’s product or service, building prospect lists, setting up LinkedSeats, activating licenses for software tools, optimizing LinkedIn Profile Banners, and creating the messaging scripts.  

It’s worth noting that all client accounts and campaigns are managed by a member of our Senior Management team, which means, unlike some firms where the campaign manager or account manager could be early stage in their career and still trying to figure out life, with us you know your campaign is in the care of a seasoned professional who is financially invested in your campaign’s success.

Question #5

How does Outreachly work with clients to build the best prospect lists possible for this program?

One of our campaign managers works with the client to define the profile attributes building the prospect list. We can use Firmographic Data, Demographic Data, Technographic Data, and Trigger Event Data [ex. specified events posted in the last 30 days] filters to filter the total addressable market down to the actual list of contacts that would be most likely to convert during the defined campaign period.

From there, one of our Contact List Builders will use our sales intelligence software and manual research to create a human-curated list of up to 800 prospects we can target via LinkedIn – LinkedIn policy limits the maximum number of people you can target at one time, but we work to maximize reach as much as possible within LinkedIn’s limitations.

We have clients sign off on the prospect list before we launch the campaign to make sure that it’s correct because based on that approval, any lead generated from the list is considered a qualified lead.

Question #6

What’s important for buyers to note about how Outreachly would handle prospect outreach if they bought this program?

Our recipe for driving higher reply rates involves the use of both automated and human intelligence to deliver more relevant and personalized messaging that gets more connection requests accepted by prospects. 

  1. We have a professional copywriting team leverages its expertise in topics related to digital marketing, cybersecurity, and technology, as well as, the ABT Copywriting Methodology to create and continuously improve LinkedIn messaging scripts.
  2. Our proprietary AI-powered LinkedIn prospecting platform outreach pulls details from your prospects’ LinkedIn profiles (ex. Endorsements, Qualifications/Certifications, and Mutual Connections) and adds them to the messages sent through the sequence to give them a personal touch.
  3. A sales development rep assigned to the account will use our proprietary LinkedIn prospecting software to reach out to prospects through the selected LinkedIn profiles.
  4. LinkedIn Replies from prospects land directly in the inboxes of the designated LinkedIn profiles. 
  5. Sales reps from our clients’ closing team can then follow up with prospects as the replies come in, continue the conversation, and book sales meetings.

Question #7

What’s important for buyers to note about how Outreachly approaches reporting performance results?

Are there any other details about how your agency builds sales sequences for clients’ sales campaigns that would help your ideal client choose your service over another?

First off, we send all the data we compile, track, note, throughout campaigns to our clients for their own use.

We create dedicated Slack channels for our clients to use with our Sales Development teams for real-time communication and updates: our 3 main Slack channels are General, Content, and Notification Replies.

Because of that, our clients can expect to receive information related to campaign performance on a monthly, weekly, and even daily basis.

In addition to that, we use Google Data Studio to create dashboards that our clients can access 24/7 to review Activity Metrics, Conversion Metrics, Output Metrics, and Time Metrics.

We can also provide reporting via Client CRM Integration, Scheduled Automated Reports, Spreadsheet Files (Excel/CSV), Slide Presentation PowerPoint, and Virtual Meetings depending on the client’s preferences.

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