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In the Transform Sales Podcast #88, Uky Chong, the CEO of TOXPAND, discusses his background and the services offered by his agency. Uky shares his experience in sales and media and explains that TOXPAND focuses on offering hyper-targeted B2B solutions for clients. They prefer clients who are willing to partner with them to drive true revenue growth and prioritize nurturing relationships over closing deals. Uky highlights their lead generation services, emphasizing the importance of quality over quantity. He also discusses the importance of understanding the buying process and engaging with leads effectively. Uky advises on understanding pipeline metrics and volumes to set sales teams up for success.

In case you missed it…. these are the highlights

Would you briefly introduce yourself, TOXPAND, and how you broke into the Sales Outsourcing Industry?

I’m Uky Chong, the CEO of TOXPAND. We are a sales agency that specializes in offering hyper-targeted B2B solutions. Our focus is on quality over quantity, and we prioritize nurturing relationships with our clients over just closing deals. We broke into the Sales Outsourcing Industry with a unique approach that emphasizes true revenue growth. We’re not just about generating leads; we’re about partnering with our clients to provide effective tactics that actually close deals.

Our services are designed for clients who are willing to invest in long-term relationships and are keen on driving true revenue growth. We work closely with sales and marketing teams to align on nurturing leads and incorporating true Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategies. We’ve started engaging the marketplace and have already opened up close to 30 opportunities within our wheelhouse. Our approach is strategic, not a spray and shotgun method, and we’ve had success stories with major brands.

Who are your TOXPAND’s Best-Fit Customers?

Our best-fit customers are those in prospecting roles, Sales Development Representatives (SDRs), and Account Executives who are keen on maximizing results and converting leads. We’re looking for clients who are not just in search of quick solutions but are willing to invest in long-term relationships. These are typically mid-sized to enterprise technology providers who understand the value of true Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategies and are willing to partner with us for genuine revenue growth. We aim to work with clients who trust us to utilize our advanced tactics, including AI targeting intent overlays, to help them grow their revenue. Additionally, our ideal clients are those who value quality over quantity and are committed to setting the right expectations and nurturing relationships for mutual success.

Let’s talk about a TOXPAND Success Story

A success story from TOXPAND would involve a client who came to us with the challenge of not just generating leads, but converting them into actual sales. After partnering with us, the client saw a significant increase in engagement metrics and revenue growth. We implemented our hyper-targeted B2B solutions and aligned their sales and marketing teams on nurturing leads through true ABM strategies. As a result, the client not only met but exceeded their revenue targets for the quarter. This success story would showcase our holistic approach, which covers top, middle, and bottom of the funnel, and emphasizes the importance of working collaboratively across the pipeline. It’s not about providing a high volume of leads; it’s about delivering effective tactics that close deals and drive true revenue growth.

What are the Top 3 tips you would give Buyers to increase the probability of achieving the result they want with TOXPAND?

1. Alignment of Goals: The first tip I would give buyers is to ensure that their sales and marketing teams are aligned on the goals they want to achieve. This alignment is crucial for implementing effective Account-Based Marketing (ABM) strategies, which are a cornerstone of our services at TOXPAND.

2. Long-term Investment: Be prepared for a long-term partnership. Quick fixes rarely yield sustainable results. Our approach is designed for clients who are willing to invest in long-term strategies that focus on genuine revenue growth, rather than just lead generation.

3. Trust the Process:

 We use advanced tactics, including AI targeting and intent overlays, to maximize results…”

Trusting our expertise and the process we’ve honed will significantly increase the probability of achieving the results you desire. We’re not just a vendor; we’re a partner committed to your success.

By following these tips, buyers can significantly increase their chances of achieving meaningful, lasting results with TOXPAND.