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Sales Agency Spotlight Series - Jinactus Consulting

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In episode #97 of the Transform Sales Podcast, we’re joined by Chetan Kohli, co-founder of Jinactus Consulting, who comes with an impressive 30-year tenure in software sales. His expertise shines through as he discusses the ins and outs of outsourced sales, offering listeners valuable insights into the strategies that have doubled revenues for B2B software companies, particularly within the manufacturing, banking, financial services, and insurance sectors (BFSI). Jinactus Consulting’s in-depth understanding of these industries has consistently fostered remarkable growth for their clients.

Chetan delves into Jinactus Consulting’s meticulous onboarding process that ensures a deep understanding of a client’s products, target market, and financial goals over an intensive one to two-week period. Employing sophisticated tools like Discover and LinkedIn Sales Navigator, they construct a verified database of leads, engaging with prospects via LinkedIn and email. Chetan’s explanation of the nuances between marketing qualified leads and sales-qualified leads underscores the company’s commitment to not just drive revenue, but to build a healthy sales pipeline.

To companies looking to leverage Jinactus Consulting’s expertise, Chetan advises clarity in objectives, collaboration as if the consultancy is part of the in-house team, and setting realistic expectations. This approach has been pivotal to their track record of transforming sales outcomes and driving sustained company growth.

In case you missed it…. these are the highlights

Would you briefly introduce yourself, Jinactus Consulting, and how you broke into the Sales Outsourcing Industry?

Hello, I’m Chetan Kohli, the co-founder of Jinactus Consulting. We embarked on this journey about ten years ago, leveraging my 30 years of work experience, which has been predominantly in B2B sales. Before starting Jinactus, I spent my career helping various organizations grow their sales, and it was this rich experience that led me to establish my own company. Our aim was to use our expertise to benefit a broader range of clients.

Throughout my career, I’ve specialized in software sales, encompassing product sales, services, and implementation. Solution sales have always been my forte, and with Jinactus, we decided to zero in on B2B software sales because that’s where our strength lies. We’ve dedicated over two decades to this industry, and it’s this specialization that has allowed us to break into and succeed in the sales outsourcing industry.

Who are Jinactus Consulting’s Best-Fit Customers?

(even though they are not the only ones we work with). Our expertise lies in navigating these challenges and providing sales strategies that are not just effective but also compliant with industry standards.

Companies that benefit most from our services are those looking for a partner to help them enhance their sales performance, penetrate new markets, or streamline their sales processes. Our ideal clients are typically those that either want to expand their sales operations without the added burden of scaling an in-house team or those that are struggling to manage the intricacies of sales within these highly specialized fields.

In essence, if an organization is looking for a knowledgeable partner to outsource their sales processes—one that understands the unique demands and regulatory landscapes of the manufacturing, banking, financial services, or insurance sectors—then they are the perfect fit for our sales agency.

Let’s talk about a Jinactus Consulting Success Story

One of our notable success stories involved a company that was facing a plateau in sales for about two years. They came to us for a comprehensive sales outsourcing solution. We didn’t just focus on lead generation or appointment setting; we took on the full sales cycle. This meant that we essentially became an extension of their team, using their email IDs, their business cards, and directly engaging with their prospects.

We worked closely with the company’s founders, who were very open to our suggestions and eager for change. Together, we developed a new sales strategy and repositioned their offerings in the market. Our efforts paid off significantly, as we were able to double their revenue within the first year of our partnership. And we were on track to double it again the following year, but the company was acquired, which was a bittersweet moment. It was a testament to the growth and increased valuation we contributed to, but it also meant parting ways with a successful partnership.

Our initial focus was on generating new customer acquisitions, but as we progressed, the emphasis shifted to revenue generation. We targeted the BFSI sector and manufacturing, starting with the Indian market before expanding to Europe and the US. The decision-makers we focused on were primarily CIOs and CTOs, with CFOs also playing a crucial role as influencers or decision-makers in the process.

The transformation didn’t happen overnight. It took us nine months to double their revenue. The first three months were critical as we spent that time understanding the company’s core competencies and repositioning their message in the market. Once we had a solid differentiator, we were able to attract larger, more prominent clients, which significantly contributed to their growth. The typical sales cycle per deal was about three months, but the strategic groundwork laid in the initial months was key to accelerating the growth that followed.

What are the Top 3 tips you would give Buyers to increase the probability of achieving the result they want with Jinactus Consulting?

The top three tips I would give to buyers to increase the likelihood of achieving the results they want with Jinactus Consulting are:

1. Set Clear and Achievable Objectives: It’s crucial for buyers to have a clear understanding of their targets and objectives when they come to us. They should view the engagement as a unified team effort rather than seeing us as a separate entity. Setting realistic targets is essential; while we are experts in sales and can accept a challenging goal, it’s important that these targets are within the realm of possibility based on past performance and market conditions.

2. Foster a Collaborative Relationship: We encourage a collaborative approach where there is an open exchange of information. Clients should share their market insights and listen to the feedback we provide from the field. This two-way communication helps us to collectively refine strategies and tactics to outmaneuver the competition and achieve the desired outcomes.

3. Come Prepared: The level of preparedness a buyer brings to the table can significantly impact the speed and efficiency with which we can achieve results. The more a buyer understands their target audience and has a well-thought-out product or service offering, the faster we can align our strategies and start making an impact in the market.