From Pipeline Pains To Pipeline Gains: How Tenbound Saved The Day

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In the Transform Sales Podcast #76, Eddie Bello interviews David Dulany, CEO and Founder of Tenbound and author of the Sales Development Framework, to uncover the most valuable lesson they have learned from working with tech companies to enhance their sales playbook, consulting, and training. So, what’s the secret to success? It all starts with executive support. Dulany explains how having the backing of high-level executives can effectively communicate the message and align the team with new processes. But what if you don’t have executive support? Dulany also shares an alternative program called Tenbound Plus, offering access to templates, playbooks, and online courses for independent learning.

In case you missed it…. these are the highlights

Who are your agency’s best fit customers (as defined by Products they sell and markets they want to sell into)? 

Our best fit customers are primarily in the tech industry, particularly software companies. We work with businesses that are either starting their sales development program or preparing to hire their first few sales reps. We also assist companies that have been running their sales development program for a while but need better performance. Our services are beneficial for companies seeking fresh, out-of-the-box thinking to overcome stagnation or plateaus.

The decision-makers who typically hire us are often the CMOs or VPs of Sales, especially those who need assistance with running SDR teams. We have a significant impact at the top of the sales funnel, helping companies build pipeline proactively through their outbound efforts. Our clients sell into a variety of markets, from HR software companies targeting VPs of HR to retail software companies reaching out to the heads of retail operations. In essence, we serve tech and software companies looking to enhance their sales development programs, regardless of their specific target market.

What sets your agency apart from other Sales Agencies when it comes to serving your ideal customer?

What sets Tenbound, apart from other sales agencies is our unique approach to improving sales development programs. We focus on changing the structure and the way the team is managed to get better results.

“…Our methodology is based on a framework outlined in our book, “The Sales Development Framework.” This framework guides the creation of our playbooks, which are then customized based on the specific needs of the client’s market and industry…”

We also provide extensive coaching and training to ensure that the sales development representatives (SDRs) know how to use the playbook effectively.

In terms of technology, our services are technology agnostic, allowing us to serve a wide range of clients with varying technological setups. We also offer a program called “Tenbound Plus” for individuals who may not have executive support or whose managers are not investing in training. This program provides access to all our templates, playbooks, and online courses. Finally, we believe in the importance of executive sponsorship and active involvement from the client’s side. We work closely with the company’s executives, managers, and SDRs, ensuring that everyone is on the same page and working towards the same goals. This collaborative approach has helped us achieve significant results, such as increasing the pipeline amount by over 112% in a 90-day period for one of our clients.

What are the Top 3 tips you would give Buyers to increase the probability of achieving the result they want with your agency?

  1. Executive Sponsorship: It’s crucial to have the support of high-level executives in the company. This ensures that our work is prioritized and that everyone in the team understands the importance of the changes we’re implementing. The best case scenario is when we’re working directly with the owner of the company or the top executives, such as the VP of Sales or the CMO.
  1. Active Participation: Our work involves a lot of project management for the internal teams at the company. We need access to scripts, ideal customer profiles, personas, and other materials that the company is currently using. Having someone internally take responsibility for these tasks and deliver them to us by a set due date helps move the project along at a faster pace.
  2. Long-term Commitment: Understand that achieving significant change is a long-term project that requires consistent effort. It’s not just about investing money; it’s also about investing time and attention. The initial excitement of starting a new project can wear off after a while, and that’s when the real work begins. Being prepared for this from the get-go can help ensure a smoother process and better results.