The Magnetic Effect: How Content-Led Strategies Are Revolutionizing B2B Lead Generation

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In episode #125 of the Transform Sales Podcast, Amir Reiter interviews Steve Schmidt, CEO of Magnetic Software, on the topic of content-led B2B lead generation. They explore the significance of creating content and nurturing relationships to generate leads, with Steve sharing his agency’s success in using podcasts and thought leadership over traditional cold outreach. They discuss the necessity of patience and the alignment of buyers and sellers, advising on the production of lasting content. The conversation also touches on the importance of specialization, the evolving industry landscape, and the role of agencies in adapting to new features and addressing talent gaps. Steve announces an upcoming workshop and invites listeners to connect on LinkedIn, while Amir commends Steve’s openness about his experiences.

In case you missed it…. these are the highlights

Would you briefly introduce yourself, Magnetic, and how you broke into the Sales Outsourcing Industry?

My name is Steve Schmidt, and I am the CEO of Magnetic Software. At Magnetic, we specialize in content-led B2B lead generation. Over the past three years, we’ve built our agency around the principle that everyone wants leads, but the challenge is in generating high-quality leads effectively.

My journey into the sales outsourcing industry began with a realization that traditional cold calling and email methods were not sufficient on their own. By leveraging content and building strong relationships, we were able to create a more effective approach. This shift happened when I noticed the success of events like the agency summit, where face-to-face interactions and content-driven relationships made a significant impact.

We took this model and applied it to our business, focusing on creating valuable content and using it to engage with our target audience. By integrating content with strategic outreach, we have been able to grow our company and help our clients achieve their sales goals.


Who are Magnetic’s Best-Fit Customers?

Magnetic’s best-fit customers are typically companies led by founders or executives with a strong vision and a desire to drive their brand through content. These are leaders who understand the importance of being visible and engaging with their audience. They want to get out in front of people and are ready to leverage content to do so.

Our ideal clients are usually software or SaaS companies that recognize the value of content-led lead generation. They don’t necessarily need to have a large following on LinkedIn already; we work with clients who are just starting as well as those with an established presence. What matters most is their willingness to engage and contribute to the content creation process.

These clients come to us because they are not getting enough qualified B2B leads through traditional methods and want to explore a more innovative approach. They are open to creating and sharing content, whether that’s through podcasts, thought leadership posts, or other forms of media. Essentially, they are ready to invest in building a strong personal and company brand to drive lead generation and business growth.


Let’s talk about a Magnetic Success Story

One success story that stands out involves a small, privately held software and services company with about ten employees. They approached us after following our content for about a year, seeking help with their lead generation efforts.

It took us six months to fully develop and implement a strategy tailored to their needs. This company was patient and willing to invest the necessary time and resources. Our approach involved building authority through podcasts and strategically distributing content across various channels where their target audience would engage with it.

The results were remarkable. They were able to 10x their investment, doubling down on our approach once they saw the effectiveness. By building trust and establishing themselves as a household name in their niche, they developed a revenue stream of $1.9 million in their funnel for Q4 alone. Impressively, they closed 52% of the revenue from podcast-generated leads within 28 days, with an average deal size of around $100,000.

We also implemented a unique offer as part of their strategy. For example, after having someone on their podcast, they offered a $6,000 training ticket to a negotiation masterclass, which helped bring more prospects into the funnel. This approach not only built rapport but also demonstrated their value, leading to substantial revenue growth.

This success story exemplifies how a well-executed content-led strategy, combined with patience and the right offers, can significantly impact a company’s lead generation and revenue.


What are the Top 3 tips you would give Buyers to increase the probability of achieving the result they want with Magnetic?

The top three tips I’d give to buyers to increase the probability of achieving the results they want with Magnetic are:

  1. Be Prepared to Engage and Create Content: Our approach relies heavily on content-led lead generation, which means you’ll need to be ready to contribute and be the face of your company. If you’re not willing to get on camera, participate in podcasts, or engage in thought leadership, our methods might not be the best fit for you. Authentic engagement is key to building trust and driving leads through content.

  2. Embrace a Multi-Dimensional Content Strategy: To stand out in the crowded digital landscape, it’s essential to diversify your content. Don’t just stick to traditional talking head videos. Incorporate different formats and settings – walk down the street, live stream from interesting locations, or showcase various aspects of your business. This multi-dimensional approach helps to capture attention and build a more dynamic and relatable brand presence.

  3. Focus on Long-Term Value Over Immediate Results: Content-led lead generation is a strategic, long-term investment. Cold calls and emails may provide immediate but fleeting results, whereas content can generate leads for years to come. Be patient and consistent with your content efforts, understanding that the value will compound over time. Investing in high-quality content now will create a lasting impact and continuously drive leads to your business.