Natasha Davidson – The Transformative Power of Sales: A Story of Growth and Opportunity

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In the Transform Sales Podcast: Life Series #124, Amir Reiter interviews Natasha Davidson about her unexpected journey into the sales industry. Natasha recounts her move from the US to Colombia and her initial lack of sales knowledge when she started as an SDR at CloudTask. Despite the challenges, she rose to become a top account executive. Amir and Natasha discuss the common fears and misconceptions about sales careers, emphasizing the growth and success that can come from perseverance in the face of rejection. The episode inspires listeners to consider sales as a transformative career path and highlights Natasha’s story as a testament to the opportunities sales can provide.

In case you missed it…. these are the highlights

Who is Natasha Davidson? What is a cool fact about you that no one would know?

I’m Natasha Davidson, currently living in Medellin, Colombia, though I’m originally from Blue Ridge, Georgia. My journey has taken me from a small town in the United States to one of the most vibrant cities in South America. Despite the major change in scenery, my love for animals has remained constant. In the U.S., I used to ride horses competitively, a passion that gave me discipline and a connection to nature. Now, I’ve channeled that same discipline into practicing Brazilian jiu jitsu, where I’m a blue belt. This sport not only keeps me fit but also teaches me resilience and strategy, skills that are invaluable both in and out of the dojo.

Beyond my athletic pursuits, I’ve built a career in sales, a field that I initially stumbled into but have grown to love. This career shift has been transformative, allowing me to leverage my communication skills and competitive spirit. Sales has given me a platform to excel in ways I never imagined, turning my initial uncertainties into a fulfilling profession. Living in Medellin has only amplified this journey, providing a rich cultural backdrop that constantly inspires and motivates me.

How Did You Get Into Sales?

After graduating from college with a bachelor’s degree in business and public policy, I decided to move to Colombia. Initially, I lived in Bogota but eventually relocated to Medellin with my boyfriend, who is now my husband. When I first arrived, I was open to any job opportunity since moving to a new city in a foreign country was quite challenging. While I was searching for jobs on LinkedIn, I came across an opening at CloudTask.


“…I didn’t initially know what an SDR (Sales Development Representative) did or much about the sales field in general. However, I was determined to find work and prove myself…”

During my interview at CloudTask, I confidently stated that I would become the best SDR in the company, despite my lack of experience. This drive and willingness to learn paid off, and I quickly adapted to the role. My journey into sales wasn’t planned, but it turned out to be a perfect fit for my skills and personality.

How Did Sales Change Your Life?

Sales changed my life by providing me with an opportunity to excel and be the best at something, which I hadn’t experienced before. During my school years, my grades were average, and I didn’t feel like I stood out academically. Sales, however, offered me a platform where my communication skills, competitive nature, and determination could shine. Being an SDR at CloudTask and later an account executive at Mailshake allowed me to develop my abilities, prove my worth, and achieve top performance in my roles.

This career path also reshaped my understanding of success and failure. Sales taught me that rejection is a part of the process and that perseverance leads to success. It gave me the confidence to push through challenges and continuously improve. The skills I developed in sales have not only advanced my professional life but have also impacted my personal growth. I’ve learned that hard work and dedication can lead to significant accomplishments, and this mindset will carry me through any future endeavors.

What’s your best advice to those considering a career in Sales?

My best advice for those considering a career in sales is to embrace the initial challenges and view them as opportunities for growth. Starting as an SDR can be tough, especially with tasks like cold calling and prospecting, but these foundational skills are crucial for your future success. Understand that this hard work is temporary and a stepping stone to more advanced roles like account executive or sales manager. Push through the discomfort, stay curious, and be willing to learn from every experience.

Additionally, don’t be deterred by a lack of initial knowledge or experience. When I started, I didn’t know much about the sales process, CRM tools, or key performance indicators. What made the difference was my willingness to learn and my determination to succeed. Seek out companies that provide good training and support, ask questions, and always strive to improve. Remember, sales is a field where your efforts directly correlate with your success, and the skills you develop will open many doors in your career.