Disrupting Traditional Events: How Airmeet Is Revolutionizing Event-Led Growth


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In episode #74 of the Transform Sales Podcast: Sales Software Review, Amir Reiter interviews Nick Bennett, Senior Director of Event-Led Growth & Evangelism at Airmeet, a platform that is purpose-built for B2B marketers, particularly field marketers, event marketers, and demand gen marketers.

Airmeet’s key differentiator is their philosophy of putting people first in event-led growth, which separates them from their competition. They offer 24/7 customer support, personalized event experiences based on segments, and 38 ways to create captivating and engaging networking spaces. Their platform includes booths for sponsors and vendors, where they can attach ebooks, content, and data. Airmeet digitizes the traditional event experience, making it faster, cheaper, and more efficient for both organizers and attendees.

In case you missed it…. these are the highlights

What is your product, and how would you describe it?

We are Airmeet, a premium webinar and event platform tailored for B2B marketers. Our goal is to streamline meeting bookings, accelerate pipeline creation, and improve customer retention. We offer features like 24/7 customer support, data signals for understanding attendee behavior, and personalized event experiences. We also provide engaging networking spaces, gamification, and resources for sharing content.

Primarily used by tech industry B2B marketers, we prioritize the attendee’s experience, focusing on delivering relevant content. We also offer features like roundtable discussions, booths for sponsors or vendors, and resources for sharing content. Overall, we are a comprehensive tool for managing online events and webinars, driving efficient lead generation, and creating engaging experiences.

What type of buyers do you serve best?

At Airmeet, we serve B2B marketers best, particularly those in the tech industry. Our primary users are field marketers, event marketers, and demand gen marketers. However, we also connect with many CMOs and VPs of marketing. While they may not be the ones using the product daily, they often play a key role in the decision-making process. We’ve found that within the tech sector, we see the highest retention rate. Our users in this industry not only understand the value of our platform but also utilize it effectively for their online events.

What does it help them do that they couldn’t do before your software existed?

At Airmeet, we’ve enabled our users to achieve a level of engagement and efficiency in online events that was previously unattainable. Our platform has transformed the way users generate high-quality leads, allowing them to connect with the right buyers at the perfect moment. This was a challenging task before the existence of our software.



“…we’ve revolutionized networking in the digital event space. Before Airmeet, creating engaging networking spaces, hosting roundtable discussions, and setting up booths for sponsors or vendors in a virtual environment was a complex and often impossible task.”

Now, our users can do all of this seamlessly, enhancing their event experiences and boosting their lead-generation efforts. In essence, Airmeet has opened up new possibilities in the realm of online events and webinars, providing capabilities that were not available before.

How should users measure success with your product?

At Airmeet, we believe that success with our product can be gauged through several key indicators. The first is the efficient generation of high-quality leads through online events and premium webinars. If our users are connecting with the right buyers at the right moment and accelerating their pipeline creation, that’s a clear sign of success. Another measure of success is the level of engagement during events. If attendees are actively participating, networking, and finding value in the networking spaces created by our users, it indicates that our platform is being effectively utilized.

Moreover, the ability to capture and utilize buyer and customer intent signals is a significant measure of success. If our users can improve their marketing and sales conversions by leveraging the data signals provided by our platform, it demonstrates effective use of Airmeet. Lastly, the overall attendee experience is a crucial measure of success. If attendees are finding the events valuable, engaging, and personalized, it shows that our users are successfully putting the attendee first, which is a core philosophy at Airmeet.