How Does Flowchat Revolutionize Social Media Chat Management?

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In episode #126 of the Transform Sales Podcast: Sales Software Review, Amir Reiter interviews Bruno Domingues, Co-Founder and CTO of Flowchat, a chat management platform for social media. They discuss Flowchat’s growth, its bootstrapped origins, and its focus on organizing chats into pipelines and automating social media interactions, particularly for outbound communication. Bruno highlights the platform’s ability to fill a gap in the market by enabling businesses to engage with users who don’t respond to page messages after 48 hours. The ideal customers for Flowchat are agencies, coaches, and solopreneurs seeking to drive revenue through social media. Bruno also provides a live demo and offers a discount for listeners. Amir expresses his interest in using Flowchat to achieve CloudTask’s revenue goals and emphasizes the tool’s potential to improve sales professionals’ success.

In case you missed it.... these are the highlights

What is Flowchat, and how would you describe it?

Our platform is a comprehensive social media chat management platform designed to enhance and streamline all your messaging interactions into organized pipelines. Founded in 2019, we rebranded and acquired the Flowchat domain name to better represent our mission. The platform centralizes chats from various social media platforms, allowing users to manage their interactions more efficiently. By consolidating all conversations into one place and organizing them effectively, We help businesses turn their social media channels into powerful revenue-generating tools. This is particularly beneficial for outbound interactions, although the platform is also capable of managing inbound conversations.

Our growth has been entirely organic, and we have bootstrapped our way to supporting over 2000 accounts. We have not taken on any investors, choosing instead to build and develop the platform independently. This approach has allowed us to stay true to our vision and continuously improve our services based on user feedback and our own experiences. Today, our team of over 20 people uses Flowchat to drive our own business growth, demonstrating the platform’s effectiveness and potential. Whether it’s managing pipelines or automating conversations, The platform is designed to help businesses maximize their social media engagement and drive revenue.


What type of buyers does Flowchat serve best?

We serve a diverse range of buyers, but our platform is particularly well-suited for solopreneurs such as coaches, consultants, and trainers. These individuals often operate on a personal level, managing their own brand and client interactions. They benefit greatly from Flowchat’s ability to streamline and automate their social media communications, saving them significant time and helping them scale their outreach efforts without needing to hire additional staff.

Additionally, marketing agencies find our platform extremely valuable. Agencies often purchase our software to white-label and resell it as part of their service offerings. By integrating Flowchat with other tools like ManyChat, agencies can provide comprehensive solutions that cover both inbound and outbound interactions, helping their clients grow and engage more effectively. This makes our tool ideal for both direct users looking to enhance their social media presence and agencies aiming to offer a robust chat management solution to their clients.


What does Flowchat help them do that they couldn’t do before Flowchat existed?

Flowchat enables businesses to manage their social media interactions as revenue-generating channels, a capability that was difficult to achieve before our platform existed. Traditionally, platforms like ManyChat have excelled at inbound automation but lacked effective outbound capabilities. We fill this gap by providing a robust pipeline system and powerful automation features that allow businesses to organize and manage their social media conversations in one place.

Before many companies struggled to engage with potential customers who did not initiate contact. Our platform changes this by supporting outbound interactions, enabling businesses to proactively reach out to leads and manage these conversations effectively.

Additionally, our platform addresses the issue of lost engagement opportunities by allowing businesses to follow up with users on their personal profiles even after they can no longer be contacted through a business page. This comprehensive approach to chat management ensures that businesses can maximize their social media interactions, turning them into significant revenue opportunities.


How should users measure success with Flowchat?

Users should measure success with Flowchat primarily through the number of booked appointments and closed deals. These metrics are direct indicators of the platform’s impact on revenue generation and business growth. By tracking how many calls or meetings are scheduled as a result of using Flowchat, users can gauge the effectiveness of their social media outreach and engagement strategies.

Additionally, users should consider the time saved in managing their social media interactions and the reduction in missed opportunities. Flowchat’s automation features and organized pipelines help users handle more conversations efficiently, ensuring that no potential lead is overlooked. By analyzing these productivity gains alongside the increase in booked appointments and closed deals, users can get a comprehensive view of how Flowchat is contributing to their overall business success.