B2B Sales Training Reimagined: Unpacking the JBarrows Selling Platform


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In this insightful episode of the Transform Sales Podcast: Sales Software Review, host Amir Reiter warmly welcomes John Barrows, the dynamic CEO of JB Sales, for an engaging and informative demo of the JBarrows Selling Platform. Together, they delve into the game-changing features of the JBarrows Selling Platform, a revolutionary tool that is transforming the landscape of sales training in B2B businesses.

John passionately shares how the JBarrows Selling Platform empowers users to devise highly personalized, effective sales strategies that deeply resonate with potential leads. He also elucidates the platform’s remarkable adaptability with modern sales techniques and various CRM platforms, revealing how it can dramatically amplify your business operations and drive significant growth.

In case you missed it…. these are the highlights

🔥 JBarrows Selling Platform’s Key Highlights:

  • Elevate your B2B sales training with the JBarrows Selling Platform’s advanced techniques and continuous reinforcement.
  • Save time and resources with JBarrows’ efficient and adaptable sales training solutions.
  • Achieve more excellent conversion rates and business opportunities with JBarrows Selling Platform’s authentic strategies and comprehensive approach to sales.


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Q1-What is the JBarrows Selling Platform, and how would you describe it?

The JBarrows Selling Platform is an adaptive sales training program that evolved to meet remote learning needs in today’s changing economy. It focuses on continuous learning and reinforcement, addressing common knowledge retention issues after training sessions.

Two main training programs, ‘Filling the Funnel’ and ‘Driving the Close,’ form the core of this platform. The former teaches strategies for setting up sales meetings, such as email marketing, phone communication, and social selling. The latter focuses on negotiation, objection handling, and closing deals, effectively covering the entire sales process.

The importance of sales fundamentals is a central principle of the platform, with training programs designed to be flexible and adaptable to the changing sales environment. The platform offers this training monthly, open to all

An online catalog of videos on various sales topics is also available for on-demand learning, with new content continuously added.

A distinctive feature of the JBarrows Selling Platform is the introduction of workshops. These weekly sessions delve into various components of the sales process, intending to increase efficiency through tools such as AI and language models like ChatGPT. Experts in these areas are brought in to impart knowledge and skills, facilitating collective learning for the audience.

Q2-What type of buyers do you serve best?

The JBarrows Selling Platform primarily serves software and SaaS companies, owing to my background and expertise in these industries

Salesforce was my first client, and its acquisition led to a significant following within the SaaS industry. That said, my roots are in B2B tech and professional services sales, having started my career at Thrive Networks, an outsourced IT services firm.

The platform’s success can be traced back to my early career at Thrive Networks, where the training known as Basho was used. This training propelled Thrive Networks to become the fastest-growing company in Massachusetts for three consecutive years. Later, after selling Thrive Networks to Staples, I joined Basho because of my admiration for their content.

While the platform is primarily aimed at software and SaaS companies, the principles taught are universal and fit perfectly into the predictable revenue model of role segmentation. However, sales are returning to a complete cycle, where we must find business, engage with clients, and add value at every stage. In this context, the training offered by the JBarrows Selling Platform is relevant to anyone looking to enhance their sales skills and effectiveness.