Don’t Be Left In The Dark Ages Of Partner Programs – Use PartnerStack!


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In episode #71 of the Transform Sales Podcast: Sales Software Review, Amir Reiter interviews Nikita Zhitkevich, Director of Channel Sales and Alliances at PartnerStack, a centralized tool that helps organizations launch and manage their partner programs. They discuss the benefits of joining PartnerStack’s marketplace as an affiliate or partner, and how it solves the problem of paying commission-only reps who drive traffic and bring customers to a product. Nikita explains how PartnerStack helps organizations scale their partner programs by providing technology to work directly with partners in a centralized place. He also demonstrates how PartnerStack offers different experiences for different partner types and allows for custom plans for different partners.

In case you missed it…. these are the highlights

What is your product, and how would you describe it?

PartnerStack is a centralized tool for organizations to launch and scale their partner programs, including referral, affiliate, reseller, and technology partner programs. It provides infrastructure for attribution links, lead forms, deal registration, content hosting, training, and certification, and automates payouts and compliance globally. It also has a marketplace of tens of thousands of partners, largely marketing and referral partners, that can join programs and drive business.

What type of buyers do you serve best?


“PartnerStack serves B2B software companies best, typically those with 50 to 2000 employees…”

…However, we also serve organizations larger than that. Our Buyer Persona includes channel sales leaders, VPs of marketing, and VPs of sales.

What does it help them do that they couldn’t do before your software existed?


“…Before PartnerStack, many organizations were running their partner channels without any tooling and technology, often using spreadsheets. PartnerStack provides the technology to scale partner programs…”

How should users measure success with your product?

Success with PartnerStack can be measured by the ability to scale partner programs, hit revenue targets, and effectively work with partners. It also helps organizations reach their customers faster and cheaper by tapping into a network of partners. The marketplace feature of PartnerStack can also be a significant source of revenue for organizations.