Suade: The Most Innovative Software For Real-Time Sales Conversations

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In episode #123 of the Transform Sales Podcast: Sales Software Review, Amir Reiter interviews Matthew Terry, CEO, CTO, and founder of Suade, to discuss how Suade enhances sales conversations with real-time guidance. Suade’s platform is designed to improve sales training retention and execution, targeting companies with 20 to 200 representatives, especially those involved in outsourced lead generation. The software offers pre-call information, post-call analysis, and comprehensive performance metrics, while integrating seamlessly with various CRM systems. It also functions as a real-time coaching and quality assurance tool, helping sales agencies to onboard and train teams more efficiently. Listeners can connect with Terry on LinkedIn for further insights on on-demand sales training.

In case you missed it.... these are the highlights

What is Suade, and how would you describe it?

Suade is an innovative tool developed to enhance the effectiveness of sales conversations. It combines comprehensive data on the people sales reps are calling with strategic insights on conveying value propositions to target customers, all in real-time. The primary goal of Suade is to assist salespeople in executing effective conversations by providing them with necessary tips and strategies as they engage with prospects. This approach ensures that sales representatives can recall and apply crucial training information during calls, which is often forgotten shortly after traditional training sessions.

In practical terms, Suade acts as a real-time guide through conversations, offering salespeople live feedback and strategic advice. This functionality is crucial because, while there are many effective sales tips and strategies available, their true value is realized only when they can be executed during actual sales calls. Suade addresses this need by integrating these strategies into the call process, helping reps navigate conversations more effectively and increasing the likelihood of successful outcomes. By bridging the gap between knowledge and real-time application, Suade ensures that sales teams are better equipped to engage with prospects and close deals.

What type of buyers does Suade serve best?

Suade serves best companies involved in outsourced lead generation, particularly those engaged in extensive cold calling activities. These are typically sales agencies that have a significant number of sales reps—ranging from 20 to 200. The reason these companies benefit most from Suade is that they often face the challenge of training and supporting a large team of salespeople efficiently. Suade’s real-time guidance and strategic insights help these teams execute sales calls more effectively, which is crucial for maintaining a high level of performance and meeting client expectations.

Sales agencies, in particular, find Suade to be a valuable tool because it addresses the common issue of training retention. Traditional sales training methods often result in a significant portion of the information being forgotten within a short period. Suade’s approach of providing real-time tips and strategies ensures that sales reps can recall and apply critical information during their calls. This capability not only enhances the reps’ performance but also contributes to the overall success of the agency by improving client satisfaction and reducing churn.


What does Suade help them do that they couldn’t do before Suade existed?

Before Suade, sales teams often struggled with the practical application of their training during real-time sales calls. Traditional sales training methods provided valuable tips and strategies, but the challenge was in recalling and executing these techniques effectively when interacting with prospects. Studies indicate that 80% of sales training is forgotten within 30 days, making it difficult for sales reps to implement what they’ve learned consistently. Suade addresses this problem by integrating training directly into the call process, offering real-time guidance that helps salespeople remember and apply their training as they engage with customers.

Suade enables sales reps to have more productive and successful conversations by providing them with immediate access to relevant data and strategic insights during their calls. This includes information about the prospect, suggested opening lines, and strategies for overcoming common objections. By offering this real-time support, Suade ensures that sales reps are better prepared and more confident, leading to higher-quality interactions and improved outcomes. This capability transforms the way sales teams operate, allowing them to perform at a higher level and achieve better results than they could before Suade existed.


How should users measure success with Suade?

Users should measure success with Suade by looking at both quantitative and qualitative metrics that reflect the tool’s impact on their sales processes and outcomes. One key metric is the speed and effectiveness of onboarding new sales representatives. With Suade’s real-time guidance and training, new reps can quickly get up to speed and start performing at a high level. This reduces the time and resources typically spent on training and coaching. Tracking the time it takes for new hires to become fully productive compared to previous methods will demonstrate the efficiency gains provided by Suade.

Another critical measure of success is the overall performance and retention of sales reps. By using Suade, companies can expect an increase in the number of successful sales calls, which should translate into more qualified meetings and higher conversion rates. Monitoring these metrics—such as the number of calls made, meetings booked, and deals closed—will provide a clear indication of Suade’s effectiveness. Additionally, qualitative feedback from sales reps on how Suade has helped them during calls, along with an analysis of client retention rates and satisfaction, will offer valuable insights into how well the tool is supporting sales efforts and improving overall business outcomes.