The Influencer wave is about to hit B2B, Jack Kosakowski CEO at Creation Agency shares how your marketing needs to make the shift to personal branding.

Jack Kosakowski CEO at Creation Agency shares how to drive engagement in the social media world. With all the noise out there, brands need help standing out from the crowd. What does that mean for your marketing strategy?

In order to stay relevant, brands need to shift from pushing messages to creating conversations with their audiences. This means moving away from one-way communication and towards two-way dialogue. But how can you successfully create this kind of conversation online without alienating your audience or exposing yourself as a fake influencer?

The answer lies in allowing people to share content on their own terms using technology instead of making them jump through hoops by sharing it themselves, or worse yet, asking them for permission first!

It’s time for marketers to embrace the new way of doing things before they get left behind.