Remote Jobs Paying from $1,000-$5,000 USD Per Month

Create your profile TODAY and start getting found by hiring companies looking to fill remote job openings through the CloudTask Marketplace!

    Looking For A Full-Time Remote Jobs?

    If you have experience in RevOps roles like Sales Development Rep, Account Executive, Customer Success Rep, Customer Support Rep, etc., You’re In The Right Place! 

    Hiring managers at US companies use the CloudTask Marketplace To Find And Hire Talent From Latin America For Full-Time Remote Job Openings Paying In USD!

    How It Works

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    Create Your Video Profile

    Create & submit a video profile telling Hiring Companies about your professional experience, skills, and why you are the best choice for your role(s) of interest.

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    Video Review & Approval

    A CT Marketplace Specialist typically approves your video within 2 days. If errors are found, you’ll be notified to re-record your video.   


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    Profile Activation

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    After approval, your marketplace profile becomes visible to Hiring Companies, who can then review it and extend interview invitations.



    Job Interviews

    Upon receiving an job interview invitation from a Hiring Company, our team will contact you to arrange a time for your online interview with the company’s representative.

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    If the Hiring Company decides to offer you the job, you will receive a notification from a CT Marketplace specialist regarding next steps. 

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    Job Onboarding

    After receiving your signed offer, a CT Marketplace Specialist will complete the contracting process with you then send your contact details to the Hiring Company so you can get set up for training, etc. 

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is there a cost associated with creating my account in the CloudTask Marketplace?

    It’s free to join the CloudTask Marketplace. There is no cost to creating your account, publishing your video profile, and taking interviews with hiring companies.

    When you get hired, hiring companies pay you through the Marketplace, and we send you their payment minus a 15% marketplace fee. Keep that in mind when you set your monthly rates in your profile and when negotiating your offers.


    No, when you win a contract, you will be working directly for the Hiring Company represented in the job post.

    Generally, the majority allow you to work from anywhere. But, if there is a restriction related to a specific request for sales candidates, you will find those in the details of the request.

    You should not solicit a Hiring Company outside of the CloudTask Marketplace. This extends to a period of an additional twelve (12) months after you meet or transact through the CloudTask Marketplace.

    Ready To Create Your
    CloudTask Marketplace Profile?