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IMG-B2B-Sales-01Your Next Step: Record Your Video Profile

Record your video profile, which serves as your advertisement to companies that you are a Freelancer ready for hire

This is where you’ll introduce yourself to the world and highlight your previous relevant work experience and past performance (ex., How many calls you made per week, how many meetings you booked per month, how many sales you closed per month, etc.), and other information that will attract your ideal Companies.

One of our Talent Scouts will review your video profile for approval within 5 business days of submission.

Scroll down to read our tips for how to succeed with your video profile.

How to succeed with your Video Profile:

Plan to succeed

We love having you in our Community.

Once your profile is approved, your profile will be added to our marketplace so that hiring Companies can review your profile and invite you to compete for gigs. The more "in-demand" your profile is -- in other words, the more Companies want the skills, mindset, and potential performance you bring to the table -- the more invitations you'll get. REMEMBER: Your future clients decide whether they want to invite you to compete for a gig or not.

To record your profile video, you will be redirected to a platform called MyInterview, where you will fill in some basic contact information and start recording your video. Read the questions before you begin to record; you’ll have 60 seconds to answer each question and two opportunities to re-take your answers.

Our partner Companies are looking for TOP-PERFORMANCE Freelancerss to join their teams. Make sure to read these recommendations before recording your video presentation.

  1. Read the questions carefully and make sure you understand them. Most of our openings are for roles in the SaaS industry; you’ll find tons of abbreviations in the questions that make reference to Sales and software “language” you must be familiar with these terminologies, but in case you are not, don't panic! Do your research and make sure to fully understand the question before answering.
  2. Prepare your answers. Rehearse your answers before you start recording, make sure your answer is complete, and share only relevant information that shows your skills. Also, make sure your answers don't get cut off and do not take more than 60 seconds for each question. You can take notes of the key topics you want to mention to help while you record your answers.

  3. When talking about yourself, be strategic. What can you share that will show your professional skills and support your experience? In addition to your professional background, what kind of complementary knowledge do you have? You can also share some positive personal experiences that have made you grow both professionally and as a person.

  4. Be mindful of your personal presentation. We want you to be yourself; remember, this video will be the first interaction between you and our partner Companies. “You only get one chance to make a first impression.” Make sure to take care of your appearance (clothes, hair, etc.)

  5. Be mindful of your office space. Before recording, turn on your camera and check if your workspace looks clean, organized, and appropriate. If necessary, remove objects that may not convey the best image. Remember, if you get a job, you'll probably have lots of meetings, some with clients, and adequate framing will give you a few extra points.
  6. Check your equipment. Ensure you have a good internet connection and that your audio and camera are working correctly. You can ask somebody to have a short video call with you before the interview to make sure everything is ready to go.


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