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Compare And Purchase Sales Services Like You Shop For A Room On Airbnb Or A Loan On LendingTree

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What Are You Looking For?

Sales Agencies

Sales Agencies

This is an ideal option for companies who don't want to be responsible for managing day-to-day sales execution.

Sales Freelancers

Sales Candidates

This is an ideal option for companies who have managers in place to manage day-to-day sales execution.

Here’s How It Works

Our Sales Outsourcing Specialists get to know each Seller in our community individually, which means they can use their insights about Sellers’ capabilities to recommend listings that best match your requirements so that you can focus on interviewing and choosing the right fit for your team. 

#1 | Create Your Service Request With A Sales Outsourcing Specialist

#2 | Interview Service Providers You Think Might Be A Fit                                    

#3 | Hire Service Providers That Best Fit Your Requirements

#4 | Pay Service Providers Through CloudTask                        

"Since outsourcing was new for us, we were very apprehensive. The best part was the service we received and the empathetic nature of the people at CT." 

Eugene G.

Chief Revenue Officer, Gen Z Ads

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of services can I find through the CloudTask Marketplace?

The CloudTask Marketplace offers a range of services that businesses in B2B can use to help improve their sales and customer success efforts.

These services include:

Sales Development Services

Sales Professionals that execute activities like building prospect lists, qualifying leads, scheduling meetings with qualified prospects, and closing deals for you.

Sales Consulting Services

Sales Professionals that provide advice and guidance in implementing best practices for improving sales performance by helping you identify opportunities for growth, and develop sales plans, tactics, and processes.

Sales Training Services

Sales Professionals that provide training programs that focus on a range of topics, including sales techniques, product knowledge, customer engagement, and objection handling.

Customer Success Services

Sales Professionals that execute activities like handling customer inquiries and complaints, providing technical support, and managing customer relationships to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

How does CloudTask make money?

When a buyer hires a seller through the CloudTask Marketplace, CloudTask will keep 15% of the monthly contract value, as defined in the Purchase Agreement, for each payment transaction.