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In episode #78 of the Transform Sales Podcast: Sales Training Platform, Amir Reiter interviews In Brad Rosen, President of Sales Assembly, to discuss the importance of sales training and enablement. Brad explains that Sales Assembly is a skill development platform for go-to-market teams that offers fundamental sales training to individuals at different stages of their careers. They address the challenges of creating and maintaining up-to-date training content and emphasize the need for organizations to invest in sales training and enablement early on. They also highlight the unique aspects of the Sales Assembly community, including actionable next steps, diverse thought leadership, and the opportunity for experienced professionals to contribute their knowledge.

In case you missed it…. these are the highlights

What problems does your sales training fix?

Our sales training program is designed to tackle a variety of issues that sales teams often face. One of the key problems we address is low sales performance. We do this by equipping salespeople with effective techniques, strategies, and skills that can significantly boost their performance. We also focus on enhancing communication skills, which are crucial for conveying the value of products or services to potential customers. Furthermore, our training emphasizes the importance of building strong relationships with customers, fostering increased loyalty and repeat business.

In addition to these,

“…our program targets other common challenges such as lack of motivation, inadequate product knowledge, and inefficiencies in the sales process. We strive to motivate salespeople and foster a positive attitude, which can lead to increased productivity…”

We ensure they have a thorough understanding of the products or services they’re selling, enabling them to answer customer questions confidently and overcome objections effectively. Lastly, we help streamline the sales process, making it more efficient and effective, and teach salespeople how to manage their time effectively and adapt to different customer types and selling situations.

What type of buyers do you serve best?

Our sales training program is particularly effective for serving two types of buyers. The first is the “value-driven buyer.” These are customers who are not just looking for a product or service, but also for the added value it can bring to their lives or businesses. They appreciate a salesperson who can clearly articulate this value and demonstrate how our offerings can meet their specific needs or solve their unique problems.

The second type of buyer we serve best is the “relationship-focused buyer.” These customers value a personal connection and trust above all else. They are looking for a salesperson who listens to their needs, understands their concerns, and is genuinely interested in helping them achieve their goals. Our training program emphasizes the importance of building strong, lasting relationships with customers, making it particularly effective for serving this type of buyer.

What differentiates you from other sales training courses?

Our sales training program stands out from others in several key ways. Firstly,

we place a strong emphasis on practical, hands-on learning. Instead of just teaching theory, we provide real-world scenarios and role-playing exercises that allow participants to apply what they’ve learned in a safe and supportive environment. This approach ensures that our trainees can immediately put their new skills into practice.

Secondly, our program is highly customizable. We understand that every sales team is unique, with its own set of challenges and goals. That’s why we work closely with our clients to tailor our training to their specific needs. Whether it’s improving communication skills, boosting product knowledge, or refining the sales process, we can adapt our curriculum to address the areas that will have the most impact.

Lastly, we believe in the power of ongoing support. Our relationship with trainees doesn’t end when the training does. We provide follow-up sessions and resources to reinforce the lessons learned and to ensure that the skills and strategies taught are being effectively implemented. This commitment to long-term success sets us apart from other sales training courses.

Where can people find you?

I would love to chat with anybody about this or in general. You can find on LinkedIn as Brad Rosen.
Also, I encourage you to explore the resources and insights we share on the Sales Assembly website and our blog. We’re dedicated to driving efficiency and revenue growth for sales and marketing teams, and we’d love to have you join our community. Looking forward to connecting with all of you!

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