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    In today’s global market, offshoring talent is an attractive option for filling RevOps roles. But, hiring remote talent internationally can be tricky. You have to find job seekers with the right skills, interview them, and navigate laws and payments for different countries. 

    We’ve made this easier for you…

    You can use the CloudTask Marketplace to quickly access comprehensive profiles for offshore RevOps talent from around the world, interview, and pay them in one place: The CloudTask Marketplace.

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    Comprehensive Profiles For 500+ Remote Job Candidates

    Rich candidate profiles give you a snapshot of each candidate’s abilities and fit for your job so you can efficiently screen and shortlist potential hires for your remote job openings.

    Customizable Search Filters So You Don't Drown In The Remote Job Candidate Talent Pool

    Use search filters to narrow down this global pool of remote job seekers to those who meet the specific requirements of your job opening(s):

    • Desired Job Role(s)
    • Country of residence
    • English proficiency level
    • Desired monthly compensation range
    • Products and services supported in previous roles

    Profile Videos For All Remote Job Candidates

    Profile videos enable you to gauge candidates’ communication skills and professional attitudes before scheduling an interview.

    Watch as candidates articulate the roles they’re interested in, their past work experience, and why they will meet or exceed the performance expectations for their desired roles.  

    Remote Job Candidates, 12
    Remote Job Candidates, 15
    Remote Job Candidates, 13
    Remote Job Candidates, 14

    Are You Ready To Start Finding Remote Job Candidates Now?

    Remote Job Candidate Examples

    Still not sure about kicking off your search for RevOps roles like SDR, Account Executive, Customer Success Rep, Customer Support Rep, etc. 💼 🌟 in the CloudTask Marketplace? No problem, we’ve provided some videos below of people that have been hired through the CloudTask Marketplace to give you a feel for the type of talent you’ll find when you access our database…

    Frequently Asked Questions

    There’s no cost for hiring companies to interview, hire, and pay Remote Candidates through the CloudTask Marketplace — even if you want to pay using a credit card, you won’t incur transaction fees, processing fees, or hidden fees from CloudTask.

    The CloudTask Marketplace is dedicated to remote job roles that fall under Revenue Operations. So, if you’re looking to hire Remote Sales Development Representatives, Remote Customer Success Representatives, Remote Customer Support Representatives, Remote Account Executives, etc., you’re in the right place!


    When you find a candidate on the list you’d like to interview, first, you click on this link to meet with a CloudTask Marketplace Specialist who will gather the details of your job opening and create a job post for you. Second, our team will reach out to the candidates and book interview times based on your and the candidate’s availability. 

    To assist with information transparency between CloudTask and users of the marketplace, all Remote Candidate interviews are hosted through CloudTask Marketplace meeting platforms.

    If a Remote Candidate isn’t performing to your expectations, you would follow the same steps you would follow with any independent contractor with the addition of notifying us at [email protected] so we can update your payment records appropriately.

    You can review the Remote Candidates Terms of Service by clicking HERE.  

    More Questions About Finding Remote Job Candidates?

    We want you to feel confident in your choice to use the CloudTask Marketplace to accelerate your search for Remote Candidates, so, if you have additional questions about finding and hiring Remote Candidates through CloudTask, we’ve got real humans standing by that will gladly help you out. Don’t hesitate to book a meeting!