2023 B2B Sales Marketplace Poll: Winners in Key Categories


In our recent marketplace poll, we explored various categories critical to the sales process. Here’s a rundown of the winners in each category, reflecting the preferences and successes of our community in 2023.

1. Best Channel for Generating Meetings

  • Winner: Phone (241 responses, 36.7%)
  • Close Runner-Up: Email (239 responses, 36.4%)

The results show a very close competition between traditional phone calls and emails. Despite the digital age’s emphasis on email and online communication, phone calls remain a potent tool for personal, direct engagement. However, emails’ effectiveness, nearly matching that of phone calls, highlights their continued importance in the digital era.

2. Top Data Provider

  • Winner: LinkedIn Sales Navigator (260 responses, 39.6%)
  • Runner-Up: Zoominfo (169 responses, 25.8%)

LinkedIn Sales Navigator emerged as the preferred data provider, offering targeted insights and connections in the professional world. Its ability to facilitate tailored outreach and networking makes it a favorite. Zoominfo, with its comprehensive database and business intelligence, also reflects a notable preference.

3. Best Calling Technology

  • Winner: Connect and Sell (150 responses, 22.9%)
  • Runner-Up: Salesfinity (127 responses, 19.4%)

In the realm of calling technology, Connect and Sell leads the pack. Its efficiency in streamlining the calling process and increasing connection rates evidently resonated with our community. Salesfinity, with its own set of innovative features, also garnered significant support, indicating its effectiveness in enhancing sales calls.

4. Preferred Sales Engagement Platform (SEP)

  • Winner: HubSpot (202 responses, 30.8%)
  • Runner-Up: Salesforce (167 responses, 25.5%)

HubSpot sits at the top spot as the most favored Sales Engagement Platform, likely due to its user-friendly interface and comprehensive suite of tools that cater to various aspects of sales engagement. Salesforce, a giant in the CRM space, also scored highly, reflecting its robust features and scalability.

5. Best SDR Training Courses

  • Winner: JB Sales (116 responses, 17.7%)
  • Runner-Up: Force Management (75 responses, 11.4%)

For Sales Development Representative (SDR) training, JB Sales emerged as the top choice. Their courses, known for practicality and modern sales techniques, evidently meet the needs of today’s sales professionals. Force Management also received notable praise, indicating its effectiveness in providing impactful sales training.

These winners highlight the tools and strategies that have proven most effective in the B2B sales arena in 2023. From communication channels to training courses, these insights offer a valuable guide for sales professionals seeking to optimize their approach and tools for success in this dynamic field.