OnTop: Revolutionizing Global Hiring and Payroll Management

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In episode #120 of the Transform Sales Podcast: Sales Software Review, Amir Reiter interviews Anas Sohail, Global Head of Sales at OnTop, about how OnTop aids businesses in scaling internationally by streamlining the hiring and payment processes for global talent. They highlight OnTop’s expertise in local markets, which allows them to provide better currency exchange rates and save money for both companies and their employees. The conversation touches on the hidden costs in currency conversion and the importance of providing a seamless payroll experience. Anas emphasizes that OnTop’s success is measured by the happiness of clients’ employees and the ease of international expansion. They conclude by inviting listeners to explore OnTop’s services and resources for global hiring.

In case you missed it.... these are the highlights

What is OnTop, and how would you describe it?

At OnTop, we’re dedicated to helping companies scale and expand their operations globally. Our mission is to simplify the complexities of hiring and paying international talent. We understand that the global market presents unique challenges, such as varied regulations and compliance requirements, which can be daunting for businesses looking to operate internationally. Our platform addresses these challenges by streamlining the employment and payment processes, making it easier for companies to manage and pay their international teams effectively and compliantly. This enables our clients to focus on their core business activities while expanding their reach into new markets without the traditional barriers associated with global expansion.

What type of buyers does OnTop serve best?

At OnTop, we serve a diverse range of clients, but our solutions are particularly well-suited for companies that are looking to leverage global talent without establishing physical presences abroad. Our ideal customers are typically technology-driven companies, such as those in software development, business consulting, and technical services. These industries often require specialized knowledge and expertise that can be sourced globally and do not necessitate a physical presence.

We work effectively with small to mid-sized enterprises that are eager to scale up and expand their operations internationally. These companies benefit immensely from our services because we enable them to access a global talent pool while managing payroll and compliance seamlessly across different jurisdictions. This not only reduces their operational complexities but also accelerates their time to market in new regions. Additionally, large enterprises looking to streamline their existing international operations also find great value in our platform, as it simplifies managing a global workforce and ensures compliance with local laws.

What does OnTop help them do that they couldn’t do before OnTop existed?

Before OnTop existed, companies looking to hire globally faced significant barriers, including navigating complex local labor laws, setting up foreign entities and managing international payroll under varying tax regimes. These hurdles often deterred businesses from tapping into global talent pools, limiting their growth and operational scalability.

OnTop has revolutionized this process by providing a platform that simplifies these complexities. We enable companies to:

  1. Hire Globally Without Local Entities: Companies can hire employees or contractors globally without needing to establish a local legal presence. This cuts down on the bureaucracy and costs associated with setting up foreign subsidiaries or branches.
  2. Streamline International Payroll: OnTop integrates with local payment systems to facilitate compliant and efficient payroll processes. This means businesses can manage payroll in multiple countries through a single platform, ensuring that employees and contractors are paid on time and according to local regulations.
  3. Ensure Compliance with Local Laws: We keep abreast of changing labor laws and tax regulations across different countries, ensuring that our clients remain compliant without having to invest heavily in legal and HR expertise for each market they enter.
  4. Access to a Wider Talent Pool: By removing geographical and logistical barriers, OnTop allows businesses to recruit the best talent worldwide, not just those within commuting distance to their offices.
  5. Reduce Operational Costs and Complexity: Our platform reduces the need for multiple vendors and complicated logistics that were previously required to manage a global workforce. This leads to significant cost savings and a more streamlined operation.

In essence, OnTop empowers businesses to operate globally as easily as they do locally, turning what was once a costly and complex endeavor into a straightforward, manageable process. This enables more businesses to leverage the benefits of global sourcing and remote work, fostering greater diversity and innovation within their teams.


How should users measure success with OnTop?

As the Global Head of Sales at OnTop, I recommend our users to gauge success on our platform by focusing on a couple of core areas. First, the satisfaction of your employees and contractors is paramount; they should experience noticeable improvements in payment timeliness and accuracy, which in turn can boost their productivity and loyalty. Additionally, it’s vital to consider the extent to which OnTop has helped your company remain compliant with international labor laws and financial regulations. The ability of our platform to reduce the risk of legal issues and penalties is a clear marker of its effectiveness.

Furthermore, success with OnTop should be reflected in the operational efficiency of your HR and payroll processes. Users should see a significant reduction in the time and resources dedicated to administrative tasks, allowing more focus on strategic growth efforts. The platform is designed to support rapid scaling into new markets, so a quicker and smoother expansion compared to previous efforts can also indicate positive outcomes. Finally, evaluate the cost savings achieved by eliminating the need for physical entity setups and local compliance hires in each country, which frees up capital for further investment in your core business activities.