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Market Insights

Here are some highlights and insights about the Lead Generation and Sales Outsourcing markets:

G2 Crowd reports that within the last 90 days, traffic for buyers seeking lead generation services has increased by 35%, leading to an 87% jump in buyer intent!

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Remote Sales Requests

Sales Outsourcing Requests that were submitted in the CloudTask Marketplace in the month of [Month]


Remote Sales Community Spotlight

The following Remote Sales Worker stood out in the month of March:

Jorge Ivan Aranda


Hired For Remote Sales Jobs

Mary Suarez was hired by a restaurant and bar management software company from La Prairie, Quebec, CA through the CloudTask Marketplace. 

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Ana Mantilla was hired by a recruiting-as-a-service company from New York, USA through the CloudTask Marketplace. 

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Carlos Serje was hired by a fresh, virtual communications company from San Francisco, USA through the CloudTask Marketplace.  

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Here are our latest promotions and offers:

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