How To Engage More Prospects Through LinkedIn: 8 Experts Share Their Advice


Are You Getting The Most Out Of Your Prospecting Activity On LinkedIn? See how what you are doing compares with these best practices recommended by 8 experts from B2B lead generation companies.

Launched on May 5, 2003, the Linked platform was originally designed for professional networking and career development: allowing job seekers to post their CVs and employers to post jobs.

In recent years, LinkedIn has gained popularity as a channel for selling  – especially in business-to-business (B2B) sales.

If you are a LinkedIn member who originally set up his/her account for professional networking, have evolved to using LinkedIn for sales prospecting, and aren’t yet getting the results you want, it may mean that you simply need to adopt some new practices for engaging prospects through LinkedIn so you can increase your potential for successful outcomes. 

We asked 8 experts from B2B Lead Generation Companies about their #1 tips for engaging more prospects through LinkedIn and compiled their answers for you here in this article so that you can use their advice to take your LinkedIn prospecting results to the next level (…or confirm that your approach is aligned to some of the constantly evolving best practices).

See what they had to say below!

What is your #1 tip for clients that are trying to figure out if they are ready to launch an Outsourced Sales Campaign-2

LinkedIn Lead Generation Tips

What To Do To Build Your Pipeline Through LinkedIn

Agency Hire Template (5) “Focus on creating value in every interaction and with all content.”Jakob Thusgaard
 “Standardize your hashtags and ensure you’re getting seen by the largest possible relevant audience.”Chris Battis
Union Resolute
Agency Hire Template (2)-1
Agency Hire Template (4)  “Use hashtags and @ mention.”Ben Goldberg
 “Consistency. Ask anyone who wishes to use LinkedIn for outreach and growing sales… they have good intentions – but, always get “busy” doing other important things to consistently leverage LinkedIn.” Jeff Courtney
Jeff Courtney - Blog Image   
Agency Hire Template (2) “80/20 rule. 80% Industry focused content 20% sales-focused content.”Tom Birch
  “Start interacting with other people’s posts.”Blake Johnston 
Blake Jhonston - Blog Image
Andres Conejo - Blog Image-1“My #1 tip is to post consistently. Being top of mind for your audience is key to driving engagement. This strategy will increase engagement in the long run. The creation of poll posts or voting posts will increase engagement but should not be done too much or they will lose the drive they normally have — They work as a specific rise in engagement but not as a consistent approach.”Andres Conejo
” Focus on producing content that tells your prospects how to solve the problems they’re dealing with in their current role. Business executives are employed for two reasons, to solve problems and to prevent problems from occurring in the future. Center your content strategy around this.”

Matt Aird
Sales Science
Agency Hire Template (3)

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