Planning for Success: Key Strategies for Outsourcing Sales Effectively


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In the Transform Sales Podcast #46, Amir Reiter spoke to Rick Pizzoli, Founder and CEO of Sales Force Europe, about some common mistakes buyers make when looking to hire a Sales Agency. Rick highlights the significance of having a solid plan in place and treating your Sales Agency as an integral part of your team.

In case you missed it…. these are the highlights

Who are Sales Force Europe’s best-fit customers (as defined by Products they sell and markets they want to sell into)?

Sales Force Europe’s best-fit customers are mid-size to low enterprise Software companies with an Annual Contract Value between $50,000 to $100,00 looking to sell their products into the European Market.

What are the Top 3 tips you would give Buyers to increase the probability of achieving the result they want with Sales Force Europe?

  • Initiate a thorough planning process by clearly outlining your goals, revenue expectations, team structure, and challenges before hiring a Sales Agency. This will help your Sales Agency to fully comprehend your business and devise an effective strategy for your sales campaign.

“…Put pen to paper and make your strategic plan a working document, and continuously adapt and update it based on the results encountered during its implementation…”
  • If you’re struggling with developing your go-to-market plan, consider hiring a Sales Consultant. Developing a go-to-market plan it’s a complex task, and most sales managers only do it a few times in their entire career, so don’t hesitate in looking for a third-party expert that can conduct an analysis of your business, identify your ideal customer profile, and conduct a thorough market analysis. With their help, you can build a customized strategy that’s tailored to your product portfolio and business goals.
  • Treat your Sales Agency like a part of your team. Keep an eye open and constant communication with your Sales Agency and integrate their reporting as part of your business planning.

“…Whether they’re employed by you or a third-party selling on your behalf, make your Sales Agency an extension of your team. The more integrated they are, the more successful they will be…”