Reditus: The Most Effective Affiliate Software for B2B SaaS Companies

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In this episode of the Transform Sales Podcast, host Amir Reiter talks with Joran Hofman, CEO and Founder of Reditus. They cover how the software aids B2B SaaS companies in setting up affiliate programs and managing referrals, while also complying with GDPR. Reditus offers a marketplace for over 6000 B2B SaaS affiliates, facilitating connections between companies and potential affiliates. Joran demonstrates the platform’s features, including referral filtering, payout accumulation, and the affiliate dashboard. The freemium model of Reditus is praised, allowing companies to start without large upfront costs and pay based on performance. The episode wraps up with Joran providing contact information and an invitation to connect on LinkedIn or through their podcast.

In case you missed it…. these are the highlights

What is Reditus, and how would you describe it?

I would describe Reditus as a platform specifically designed to help B2B SaaS companies establish and manage their affiliate programs effectively. Our platform offers a marketplace that currently hosts over 6,000 B2B SaaS affiliates. This feature enables companies to extend their affiliate marketing reach beyond their immediate networks, tapping into a broader audience.

Our key focus at Reditus is to facilitate B2B lead generation through commission-based affiliates. We provide the necessary tools for tracking the traffic generated by affiliates and for managing the payout of their commissions. This makes our platform a highly cost-effective marketing channel for our clients, as they only pay commissions when a paying client is delivered.

We have adopted a freemium model, which means companies can start using Reditus without any upfront fees. This model is particularly beneficial for startups or companies that are cautious about investing heavily in new marketing channels without testing their effectiveness first. Our pricing is structured around the monthly recurring revenue generated from the affiliate program, ensuring that our interests are aligned with the success of our clients’ affiliate programs.

In summary, at Reditus, we are committed to helping B2B SaaS companies grow their sales and revenue efficiently through our specialized affiliate marketing platform.

What type of buyers does Reditus serve best?

Reditus primarily serves B2B SaaS companies, especially those with a self-serve model where customers can directly sign up for services. These companies are ideal for Reditus as they can greatly benefit from the platform’s specialized features in setting up and managing affiliate programs. The platform is particularly suitable for businesses that have already established a certain level of monthly recurring revenue, indicating they have surpassed initial sales challenges and have a growing market presence.

Additionally, Reditus is an excellent fit for companies seeking to expand their affiliate network beyond existing connections, offering access to a vast pool of B2B SaaS affiliates. Its freemium model makes it attractive for startups or businesses new to affiliate marketing, allowing them to experiment and leverage this marketing channel without significant upfront investment. This makes Reditus a cost-effective solution for companies aiming to scale their growth through efficient affiliate marketing strategies.

What does Reditus help them do that they couldn’t do before Reditus existed?

Before Reditus existed, users, particularly B2B SaaS companies, faced several challenges in affiliate marketing that Reditus now helps to address:

  • Streamlined Affiliate Program Management: Reditus provides a comprehensive platform for managing affiliate programs. Before its existence, companies might have struggled with disparate systems or manual processes to track and manage their affiliate marketing efforts. Reditus consolidates these functions, making it easier to oversee and optimize affiliate programs.
  • Access to a Broad Network of Affiliates: With Reditus, companies gain access to a marketplace of over 6,000 B2B SaaS affiliates. Previously, businesses might have had limited reach, struggling to find and connect with potential affiliates. Reditus opens up a wider network, facilitating connections with a diverse range of affiliates.
  • Performance-Based Pricing Model: Reditus operates on a freemium model, where companies start paying only when they achieve a certain level of revenue through the platform. This performance-based pricing was not always available in the market, making it challenging for companies, especially startups, to commit to affiliate marketing due to high upfront costs.
  • Enhanced Tracking and Reporting: The platform offers advanced tracking and reporting capabilities, enabling users to effectively monitor the performance of their affiliate programs. Before Reditus, companies might have lacked the tools to accurately track affiliate-driven traffic and conversions, making it difficult to measure the success of their affiliate marketing efforts.
  • Compliance and GDPR Considerations: Reditus ensures compliance with regulations like GDPR, especially in handling affiliate data. This was a complex area for many companies, as ensuring compliance requires specific knowledge and capabilities.

How should users measure success with Reditus?

Success with Reditus is primarily gauged by monitoring the growth in Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR). This key metric reflects the direct impact of the affiliate program on sales and subscriptions. Users should focus on how much of their MRR is attributable to leads and conversions generated through their affiliates. A clear indicator of a successful implementation of Reditus is a noticeable increase in MRR, signifying that the affiliate program is effectively driving new business.

In addition to MRR, users should also pay close attention to specific affiliate performance metrics. This includes tracking the number of clicks on affiliate links, the conversion rates of these clicks into actual customers, and the average revenue generated per affiliate. These metrics help in assessing the effectiveness of individual affiliates and the overall health of the affiliate program. High-performing affiliates or a general uptick in affiliate-driven conversions and revenue are strong indicators of success. By evaluating these metrics, users can gain insights into the long-term sustainability and profitability of their affiliate marketing efforts, ensuring that Reditus is not just a tool for immediate revenue growth but also a strategic asset for scalable customer acquisition.