2024 Latin America Salary Guide: B2B Sales & RevOps


Recruiting and retaining high-performing sales professionals can be a challenging task for businesses, particularly during times of economic uncertainty and complex hiring processes.

As we are in 2024, the B2B sales and RevOps job market in Latin America presents a unique set of opportunities and challenges that can significantly impact your hiring strategy.

Many companies struggle to strike a balance between attracting top talent and managing their budget. 

They often feel like they’re missing out on the untapped potential of the Latin American workforce. 

This is where CloudTask’s Latin America Salary Guide comes in. 

This comprehensive resource is designed to help you navigate the landscape of remote sales talent in the region and make informed decisions to optimize your hiring process.

Let’s dive in.

Market Overview

The economic outlook for Latin America in 2024 presents a mixed picture:

  • Slow but steady growth: GDP is expected to increase by 1.9% in 2023 and 2.1% in 2024, supported by more stable inflation levels, lower interest rates, and a favorable external sector.
  • Challenges on the horizon: The region faces headwinds due to the high Fed fund rate in the United States and slowing Chinese growth, which impact trade and investment dynamics.

Despite these economic uncertainties, employers in Latam report stronger hiring intentions, reflecting the market’s resilience and adaptability.

Recruitment Demand in Sales

In Latin America, there is a fierce competition for hiring the best sales talent. 

As of now, around 15,000 companies are actively recruiting for over 72,000 positions. 

On average, ten candidates are interviewed for each role, which highlights the importance of adopting a strategic approach to talent acquisition.

The most sought-after sales roles include:

  • Business Development Representatives (30% of total sales roles).
  • Account Executives (22% of total sales roles).
  • Sales Associates (23% of total sales roles).

To attract top talent in this competitive market, companies must offer appealing base salaries and comprehensive benefits packages. 

This point is emphasized by Amir Reiter, CEO of CloudTask: 

“With more than 51% of sales experts actively pursuing higher pay for new opportunities, providing a strong base salary is key to drawing in talent. Your total benefits package needs to be attractive to stand out in the highly competitive field.”

Understanding the Candidate Mindset

Sales professionals in Latin America are increasingly open to exploring new opportunities, with 24% of them actively seeking new roles in the coming year. 

The primary drivers behind this sentiment are:

  • Higher salary (51%).
  • Improved work-life balance (47%).
  • Opportunities to develop new skills (26%).

In addition to salary, workers also consider job security and career advancement opportunities when deciding whether to change jobs. 

Many employees feel they have hit a career ceiling and this can be a significant factor in their decision to move on. 

Interestingly, over half of the workers surveyed (51%) said they would consider staying in their current role if they were presented with an appealing counteroffer. 

This highlights the importance of implementing proactive retention strategies and maintaining open communication with your sales team.

Hiring Timelines in the Current Market

A successful recruitment process must balance speed and thoroughness to attract the best candidates. 

Companies can optimize their strategies by understanding the typical timeframes for each stage of the hiring process. This helps minimize the risk of losing exceptional candidates to competitors.

On average, it takes 1 to 3 days to receive suitable CVs depending on the type of role being filled, whether temporary, permanent, or contract. 

The first interview, which allows you to assess the candidate’s skills, experience, and cultural fit, typically takes 4 and 7 days to schedule and conduct. 

Finally, extending an offer to the selected candidate can take anywhere from 10 to 56 days, depending on factors such as the complexity of the role and the company’s internal approval processes.

To streamline the hiring process and secure top talent, companies should:

  • Clearly communicate the timeline and expectations to candidates.
  • Have a well-defined offer approval process in place.
  • Be prepared to move quickly when the right candidate is identified.

Cost Savings: Latin America Salary Guide 

One of the most convincing reasons to tap into the talent pool of Latin America is the opportunity to achieve significant cost savings without compromising on the quality of work.

On average, companies can save up to 50% in costs by hiring remote sales talent from Latin America compared to their US counterparts.

For instance:

Latin America Salary Guide

The significant cost savings can be ascribed to various factors, such as the lower cost of living in several Latin American countries, the larger number of highly skilled and educated professionals, and the rising usage of remote work technologies that facilitate seamless collaboration across borders.

Conclusion: Download CloudTask’s Latin America Remote Talent Salary Guide.

The information and statistics presented in this salary guide highlight the potential of the Latin American workforce in driving business success. 

Companies face a more competitive job market, and tapping into a pool of highly skilled, motivated, and cost-effective talent has become a critical differentiator. 

Embracing remote work and leveraging the competitive salary landscape in Latin America can unlock many benefits, from significant cost savings to increased diversity, creativity, and innovation within sales teams. 

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