3 Reasons To Switch To Remote B2B Sales Agencies

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In the years preceding the pandemic, several major companies across various industries announced significant layoffs, reflecting a broader trend of cost-cutting and restructuring in response to macroeconomic challenges and microeconomic undercurrents.

Recently, Cloudflare, a notable child of big tech, found itself at the center of media attention when Brittany Pietsch, a former mid-market account executive at the company, posted a video of her being sacked.

The video, which went viral on social media several days ago, showed Pietsch challenging the company’s decision during a video call, questioning the assessment of her performance and the absence of her manager in the discussion.

This incident has raised significant questions about the overall efficiency of in-house sales teams, in the ability to evaluate and enumerate performance expectations, presumably in meeting Key Performance

Indicators (KPIs) where there seems to be no clear goals or direction.

This situation has brought to the forefront a crucial dilemma faced by many companies: the perceived burden of hiring, training, and retaining in-house sales staff.

In such a scenario, where internal resources are strained, and the demands of a dynamic market landscape are ever-increasing, outsourcing sales operations to specialized agencies emerges as a potentially viable solution.

Big Tech Big Layoffs

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In 2023, several major companies across various industries announced significant layoffs, reflecting a broader trend of cost-cutting and restructuring in response to economic challenges.

Here’s a summary of some of the key companies and the scale of their layoffs:

  • Google: Reduced its workforce by about 12,000 employees in January 2023, affecting long-tenured and recently promoted employees, as well as some international staff​​.

  • Microsoft: Announced plans to lay off approximately 10,000 employees by March 2023, influenced by factors such as inflation and changing customer priorities​​.

  • Amazon: Conducted multiple rounds of layoffs, totaling over 18,000 employees, impacting Amazon Stores and PXT organizations​​​​​​.

  • Spotify: Implemented significant workforce reductions, laying off about 17% of its staff, which translates to around 1,500 jobs​​​​​​.

  • IBM: Planned to lay off nearly 4,000 employees due to the spinoff and sale of two business units​​.

  • Salesforce: Carried out workforce reductions, laying off about 1,151 employees in 2023, but also planned to hire over 3,000 new employees in certain areas​​​​.

The Reasons for the Wave of Layoffs

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  1. Economic Conditions and Market Changes: Many companies, including giants like Amazon and Salesforce, have been adjusting to changing economic conditions. Factors such as inflation, high interest rates, and shifts in consumer behavior have compelled these companies to reevaluate their workforce and cut down on costs. For instance, Amazon’s layoffs were influenced by economic uncertainties and the rapid hiring pace of recent years​​.

  2. Strategic Realignments: Several companies are undergoing strategic shifts, which include reassessing their workforce. For example, Salesforce’s layoffs were part of a correction for rapid pandemic-driven hiring, and Amazon’s focus shifted towards generative AI and business priorities​​​​.

  3. Technological Advancements: The rise of new technologies, like generative AI, is leading some companies to realign their focus and workforce. This shift often results in job cuts in certain departments while potentially opening up new roles in others.

  4. Reduced Productivity and Overstaffing: Some companies, like Salesforce, have cited reduced productivity among remote workers and the recognition of overstaffing during the pandemic.

  5. Strategic Realignments and Focus on Core Areas: Companies are also undergoing strategic shifts, leading to workforce realignments. For instance, Salesforce’s layoffs were part of a correction after rapid pandemic-driven hiring. Similarly, Amazon has shifted its focus towards areas like generative AI, leading to a realignment of its workforce priorities​​​.

  6. Overstaffing and Reduced Productivity: Some companies have acknowledged that they overstaffed during the pandemic, anticipating a continued surge in demand which normalized post-pandemic. For example, Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff stated that the company hired too many people leading into the economic downturn they were facing, and also noted issues with reduced productivity among remote workers​​.

  7. Technological Advancements and Industry Trends: The rise of new technologies and changing industry trends are leading to a shift in the skill sets required by companies. This often results in layoffs in some areas while creating opportunities in others. For example, Amazon’s focus on generative AI and realignment with business priorities has impacted several hundred roles in its Alexa division​.

Why A B2B Sales Agency Can Help

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Underperformance by an in-house sales representative can prompt companies to consider outsourcing their sales operations to a B2B sales agency. When in-house efforts aren’t yielding revenue growth, outsourcing to specialized agencies helps to refine and augment their in-house sales process.

These agencies often bring in expertise, a fresh perspective, and a proven sales strategy that might be lacking internally.

Here are some of the ways a B2B Sales Agency can help drive revenue growth:

Reason No 1 – Adaptability in a Dynamic Market

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With the recent economic wave, companies like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon have had to restructure, often resulting in significant layoffs.

This volatility necessitates a sales team that’s not only skilled in lead generation and sales outreach platforms but also adept at navigating the long sales cycles and complex needs of potential customers.

A remote B2B sales agency, with its diverse experience in various target markets, offers this adaptability.

The integration of these agencies into the sales process, sales strategy, and overall revenue growth efforts of tech companies reflects a strategic response to economic pressures and changing market dynamics and can help augment business efforts in the following ways.

Economic Efficiency and Cost-Effectiveness

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Outsourcing to B2B sales agencies can be a cost-effective move for tech companies, especially in an economic downturn. It reduces the overhead of maintaining a full-time, in-house sales team, including expenses related to sales training and sales development.

This approach aligns with the economic principle of optimizing resource allocation – focusing on core competencies while outsourcing non-core activities like sales outreach platforms and lead generation services​​​​.

For instance, a McKinsey report highlights that companies using advanced analytics and machine learning in their sales processes are 1.5 times more likely to achieve financial success than their peers​​​​​.

Adapting Sales Efforts to Market Changes

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Economic uncertainty demands adaptability in sales efforts. B2B sales agencies, equipped with advanced market research, are adept at navigating long sales cycles and understanding the pain points of potential customers in different economic scenarios.

They can pivot sales strategies quickly in response to market changes, ensuring that tech companies’ products and services remain relevant and appealing to prospective clients​​.

This adaptability is reinforced by data showing that 90% of organizations plan to stick with hybrid sales structures, reflecting the need for flexible sales strategies in fluctuating market conditions​​.

Leveraging Technology for Enhanced Sales Solutions

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The integration of AI and machine learning in sales processes, such as in CRM software and lead generation tools, is critical in today’s data-driven economy.

AI-driven sales enablement platforms offer tech companies insights into buyer behavior and predictive analytics for future sales trends.

This technological integration helps in generating high-quality leads and driving sales qualified meetings more efficiently, which is crucial for revenue growth in a competitive and fluctuating economic environment​​​​.

For instance, organizations with sales enablement platforms achieve a 49% win rate on forecasted deals, compared to 42.5% for those without, underscoring the importance of these technologies in sales success​​.

Focus on Customer Satisfaction and Relationship Building

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Economic volatility requires a heightened focus on customer satisfaction and building lasting relationships with clients. Personalization at scale, enabled by AI and data analytics, allows B2B sales agencies to tailor sales strategies to the specific needs and preferences of target audiences.

This approach is key to maintaining customer loyalty and ensuring continued business, especially for tech companies where customer expectations and technologies evolve rapidly​​.

A Gartner survey found that 86% of B2B customers expect companies to be well informed about their personal information when they interact with them, highlighting the importance of personalized engagement in customer satisfaction​​.

Enhanced Sales Pipeline Management in Recessionary Markets

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In recessionary markets, there’s a greater need for sales teams to identify and focus on the most promising opportunities. B2B sales agencies use tools like predictive forecasting and intelligent lead scoring to focus on sales opportunities that are more likely to close.

This strategic focus ensures that tech companies do not waste resources on long-shot deals and instead concentrate on those with the highest potential for revenue growth​​​​​​.

The Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland in 2023 forecasted a 55.6% chance of an economic recession, indicating the criticality of efficient sales pipeline management in these uncertain times​​.​​​​​​

Reason No 2 – Specialized Expertise for Enhanced Performance

Sales enable and lead generation services for b2b sales teams looking for prospective customers.

Underperformance by in-house teams, as seen in companies like Cloudflare, underscores the need for specialized expertise.

The adoption of a specialized external sales force allows companies to focus on their primary business areas. Outsourcing complex sales tasks enables businesses to redirect resources towards innovation, product development, and other core activities that drive growth and competitive advantage.

B2B digital agencies, especially those specializing in SaaS marketing, bring invaluable industry knowledge and help tailor digital marketing strategies for maximum impact, supporting complex sales cycles (Solid Digital).

B2B consulting firms, often specializing in specific industries or functional areas, bring in-depth knowledge and tailored solutions to client’s unique challenges.

They assist businesses in strategic decision-making, streamlining operations, and enhancing competitiveness (Company Expert).

For example, lead scoring models employed by these agencies optimize the sales process by focusing on nurturing leads with higher scores, which generate leads, ensuring a higher ROI on marketing efforts (Dream Factory).

Professional Expertise in B2B Sales

Written communication skills and social media marketing as key skills of a marketing team.

The need for professional expertise in B2B sales is crucial, as demonstrated by the challenges faced by companies like Cloudflare. A remote B2B sales agency offers deep knowledge of the sales process, sales enablement, and lead generation services.

Their ability to craft effective sales strategies and solutions significantly improves sales efforts and drives revenue growth. The role of these agencies extends to educating clients about their challenges and pain points, effectively acting as consultants, thus enabling decision-making in complex B2B selling environments​​.

Technology Integration and Sales Strategy

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The integration of AI and ML in sales processeshighlights the importance of external expertise. Around 39% of B2B organizations use AI chatbots for lead generation, indicating a shift towards technologically advanced sales solutions.

Additionally, the trend towards hybrid sales roles in industries such as financial services and high-tech, where reps use multiple digital channels for customer acquisition and lead generation, indicates a move towards versatile and digitally adept sales strategies​​.

Industry-Specific Knowledge by B2B Digital Agencies

A b2b sales customer success team anf their primary focus on new sales and qualified prospects.

Specializing in sectors like SaaS marketing, B2B digital agencies bring invaluable industry knowledge. They help tailor digital marketing strategies for maximum impact and support complex sales cycles, thus aligning marketing efforts with sales processes for smoother conversions and better ROI​​.

B2B Consulting and Tailored Solutions

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B2B consulting firms offer specialized expertise in specific industries or functional areas, providing in-depth knowledge and tailored solutions to client’s unique challenges.

They assist businesses in strategic decision-making, streamlining operations, and enhancing competitiveness.

For instance, lead scoring models employed by these agencies optimize the sales process by focusing on nurturing leads with higher scores, ensuring a higher ROI on marketing efforts​​.

Enhancing Competitive Advantage

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B2B consultants provide insights into market trends, competitor activities, and emerging technologies. They assist in developing competitive differentiation strategies, enabling firms to position themselves as industry leaders. This strategic guidance is instrumental in achieving operational excellence and improved sales and marketing performance​​​​.

Reason No 3 – Cost-Effectiveness

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Outsourcing your B2B sales process can lead to significant cost savings in various aspects of your sales operations. Here are some key areas where cost reduction can be realized:

Reduced Labor Costs

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The expenses of hiring, training, and maintaining an in-house sales team are substantial. Outsourcing allows you to bypass these costs by utilizing the expertise of a third-party sales agency. This shift can result in considerable savings, allowing you to reallocate resources to other critical business areas​​.

In-House Sales Team Costs

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  • Average Annual Salary: The average salary for a Sales Development Representative (SDR) is $74,000.

  • Additional Costs: Including benefits, training, equipment, etc., generally account for an additional 25% of the salary.

  • Team Size Assumption: For this example, let’s consider a team size of 10 SDRs.

    Email marketing, cold calling and revenue operations.


  • Total Salary Cost: 10 SDRs × $74,000/SDR = $740,000

  • Additional Costs: $740,000 × 25% = $185,000

  • Total In-House Team Cost: $740,000 (salary) + $185,000 (additional costs) = $925,000

    Using email marketing to sell products to prospective business clients.

Outsourced Sales Team Costs:

  • Cost Reduction Percentage: According to a Deloitte study, outsourcing can lead to a cost reduction of about 40%.

    Revenue operations, buyer's journey and other businesses.


  • Cost Reduction: $925,000 × 40% = $370,000

  • Total Cost for Outsourced Team: $925,000 (in-house cost) – $370,000 (cost reduction) = $555,000

    The buyer's journey, how to generate leads and sales enablement.


  • Total Annual Cost for an In-House Sales Team: $925,000

  • Total Annual Cost for an Outsourced Sales Team: $555,000

  • Total Annual Savings from Outsourcing: $370,000

    Sales enablement and lead generation for business clients.

This analysis demonstrates that by outsourcing your B2B sales team, you can realize significant cost savings.

In this example, outsourcing leads to savings of $370,000 annually compared to maintaining a similar-sized in-house sales team.

These savings come from reduced labor costs and the elimination of additional expenses related to benefits, training, and equipment, underscoring the financial advantage of outsourcing in achieving a more efficient allocation of resources. ​

Sales enablemet and other businesses.
  1. Decreased Overhead Expenses: An in-house sales team incurs additional overhead costs, including office space, equipment, and other resources. A b2b sales agency can significantly reduce these expenses, offering further financial relief and freeing up capital for other investments​​.

  2. Expertise and Experience: With outsourcing, you gain access to experts and experienced sales professionals, eliminating the costs associated with training and development. These experts bring the latest tools and technologies, further enhancing efficiency and reducing costs​​​​.

    Company metrics on lead generation.
  3. Scalability and Flexibility: Outsourcing allows for scalability in your sales process, enabling you to adjust the size of your sales team based on business needs without incurring additional expenses. This flexibility is crucial for adapting to market demands and scaling your business efficiently​​.

  4. Improved Sales Efficiency and Effectiveness: Leveraging the expertise of an outsourced sales team can optimize your sales process, leading to faster deal closures and more efficient achievement of business objectives. This improved efficiency contributes to overall cost savings​​.

  5. Technology Leverage: Outsourcing sales operations to a A b2b sales agency helps overcome technology limitations. Sales professionals from outsourcing partners are often equipped with advanced knowledge of state-of-the-art sales and analytics tools, providing time and market benefits. This access to cutting-edge technology saves time and enhances sales effectiveness​​.

    Services for individual clients and business clients.
  6. Focused Marketing and Sales Alignment: Partnering with a b2b sales agency can align sales and marketing efforts more effectively, leading to integrated strategies that drive revenue growth. This alignment can result in more effective use of resources, contributing to cost savings​​.

  7. Access to Specialized Talent: Outsourcing provides access to top-tier sales talent, offering specialized skills and experience. This allows you to benefit from high-performing teams without the costs associated with nurturing these skills internally​​.

  8. Reduced Recruitment Downtime: Outsourced sales agents are already trained, minimizing the time and cost associated with recruitment, hiring, and training processes. This efficiency reduces the downtime and costs associated with building an in-house team​​.

    Services for clients with sales enablement needs.
  9. Operational Cost Savings: The primary goal of sales outsourcing is to increase efficiency by reducing costs and overhead, thereby increasing the ROI from your sales efforts. This cost-effective approach allows for better resource allocation and focus on your company’s core competencies​​.

Final Thoughts

Lead generation business servicesfor clients.

Significant layoffs and restructuring are happening across major companies like Google and Microsoft, and it underscores the urgency for businesses to adapt and rethink their sales strategies.

Transitioning to a remote B2B sales agency offers a strategic solution to these challenges. Such agencies bring adaptability, specialized expertise, and cost-effectiveness, crucial in a market fraught with uncertainty and rapid changes.

They provide the flexibility to swiftly adapt sales strategies in response to fluctuating market demands, leveraging advanced technology and industry-specific insights.

This approach not only enhances sales efficiency but also aligns with the economic principle of optimizing resource allocation.

By focusing on core competencies and outsourcing complex sales tasks, businesses can navigate economic downturns more effectively, ensuring sustainable growth and maintaining a competitive edge in the ever-evolving global market.