Find Sales Agencies Newsletter | July 2023

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Find Sales Agencies

You can now view and stay updated with profiles of Sales Agencies across the world on the CloudTask website. If you don’t have access already, click the image below to get instant access. 

Bookmark the CloudTask Marketplace Agency List page so you can always stay up-to-date with the latest available sales agencies. - Pro Tip

Sales Agency Spotlight

The Agency Spotlight Series of the Transform Sales Podcast aims to empower Buyers researching and evaluating sales agencies to make informed hiring decisions by interviewing agency leaders about their strategies, methodologies, and client successes and sharing them with the world.

In this episode of the Agency Spotlight Series, Ray Ruecker, Managing Director and Chief Connecter at Connect5000, shares his insights about the significance of market validation and the importance of identifying your target audience before hiring a Sales Agency.

Featured Resource

[ARTICLE] Signs Your Business Lacks a Clear Target Audience

In a rapidly evolving global economy, continuous learning is more than just a concept; it's a fundamental necessity to stay competitive. Here's this month's featured resource designed to help business leaders like you take their revenue operations to the next level.

Research conducted by the RAIN Group revealed that generating qualified, sales-ready leads posed a significant challenge to many. Specifically, 46% of sales leaders interviewed described it as somewhat challenging, while another 40% regarded it as very challenging: an astonishing 86% of companies included in the study struggle with lead generation. This is often the result of an unclear understanding or lack of clear identification of the target audience.

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