How To Browse And Interview Freelancers


How Can I Browse And Interview Freelancers?

Follow these 6-easy steps to start browsing and interviewing freelancers:

1) Choose one of our hiring plans:

One-Time Payment Plan

Membership Plans (3-month minimum commitment required)

2) Visit Find Freelancers.

3) Use Filters that can ease the search for your ideal Freelancers; here are the available Filters:

  • Rating
  • Country
  • City
  • Gender
  • Monthly Payment Rating
  • Freelancer Industry

4) Once you’ve spotted a potential Freelancer, you can view their Video Profile, a pre-recorded video with three questions we ask Freelancers when joining the CloudTask Marketplace.


5) Once you’ve reviewed the Video Profile(s) and wish to Interview a Freelancer, Click the “Request A Free Interview” button.

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6) This will take you to a Form where we request the following information to start setting up the interview(s):

  • Personal information
  • Meeting Link
  • Candidate Interview request name(s)
  • The role you are looking to fill
  • The number of candidates you’re looking to fill for the role
  • The salary range you are offering to qualified contractors per month
  • The commission structure you are offering to qualified contractors