Sales Agency Growth Newsletter | July 2023

Sales Agency Growth Newsletter July 23'

Sales Agency Requests

You can now view all active sales agency requests that are available through the CloudTask Marketplace on the CloudTask website.  Click the image below to instantly access the page. 

Bookmark the CloudTask Marketplace Sales Agency Request Posts page so you can always stay up-to-date with the latest available sales agency requests. - Sales Agency Growth Pro

Market Trends

Rolling 90-Day Trend Data For Lead Generation & Sales Services

Outsourced Sales Providers

Web searches for the Outsourced Sales Providers category have taken a dive, folks, falling 26% to 17,403. Not the best news, but don’t let that get you down. The number of Active Buyers in the market have bucked that downward web search trend, increasing by 30% to 10,901.

Lead Generation Services

Switching gears to Lead Generation Services, website traffic has faced a similar hit, dropping down 30% to 49,825. Despite fewer website visitors, Active Buyers in this category climbed by 21% to 12,814.

Wrap Up

Lower traffic, higher commitment – seems to be the theme of the past 90 days – While there might be less window shopping, it seems like more folks are ready to commit and get in the game.

See how web searches and active buyer volume for Lead Generation Services and Outsourced Sales Providers are trending and use it to sharpen your competitive edge: tailor your strategies, optimize your offerings, and ultimately drive growth for your agency. - Sales Agency Growth Pro

Sales Agency Spotlight

The Agency Spotlight Series of the Transform Sales Podcast aims to empower Buyers researching and evaluating sales agencies to make informed hiring decisions by interviewing agency leaders about their strategies, methodologies, and client successes and sharing them with the world.

In this episode of the Agency Spotlight Series, Ray Ruecker, Managing Director and Chief Connecter at Connect5000, shares his insights about the significance of market validation and the importance of identifying your target audience before hiring a Sales Agency.

Need To Staff Up???

Meet Your Virtual Bench! Now you’ve got one more tool in your tool belt for finding and hiring SDR’s, Account Executives, Customer Success Reps, etc. for new client accounts: The CloudTask Marketplace. 

Check out this month’s featured profiles of Remote Candidates who have been hired through the CloudTask Marketplace to get a feel for the type of talent you might find when the time is right.

Featured Resources

In a rapidly evolving global economy, continuous learning is more than just a concept; it’s a fundamental necessity to stay competitive. Here’s this month’s featured resource to help you learn, so you can continually increase the income you can potentially earn.

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