Hire Remote: Testing Technical Skills in Remote Candidates


Testing Technical Skills in Remote Candidates during the hiring process is now a reality as more RevOps roles are being performed remotely.

Evaluating these skills can be difficult without having the candidate onsite, so reliable remote assessment techniques are invaluable. 

In this blog, we will discuss the growing importance of technical expertise for remote sales and explore proven methods for evaluating these skills in candidates working remotely. 

Why Are Technical Skills Crucial for Remote Sales Roles?

Making a wrong hiring decision for a remote sales role can cost an organization dearly in time, money, and morale. 

Carefully assessing candidates’ technical abilities is crucial to avoid costly mistakes and ensure team and company success.

Here are the main reasons why you should evaluate your candidate’s technical skills as carefully as possible:

  • Ensuring the candidate’s skills match the company’s specific needs. Technical competencies can be as diverse as business goals. Evaluating skills allows finding an ideal match, minimizing risks, and building an aligned team.
  • Understanding how the candidate’s hard and soft skills complement others. The most productive teams have cross-functional skills that strengthen one another. Assessing technical background ensures skills align.
  • Identifying any skills gaps early on. Spotting gaps allows for creating development plans and assigning mentors from the start.
  • Reducing employee turnover. Careful evaluation confirms candidates are suited for the role and can succeed, enhancing retention.

What Are the Key Technical Skills Needed for Remote Sales Roles?

To effectively evaluate candidates for remote sales positions, it is essential to assess their technical abilities.

Make sure to consider the following crucial technical skills during the evaluation process:

 Technical Skills in Remote Candidates

How Can You Effectively Assess Technical Skills in Remote Candidates?

Assessing the technical skills of remote sales candidates is a complex task that requires evaluating their pre-sales activities, communication ability, and time management skills.

The challenge lies in identifying these skills while working remotely, ensuring that the candidate possesses the necessary technical knowledge and fits into the remote working environment.

Below are some tips to help you assess the technical skills of remote sales candidates in a more focused manner:

  • Pre-sales Testing: Evaluate their ability to streamline sales processes by conducting prospect, data, and customer research, as well as sales prospect evaluation.
  • Sales Aptitude Tests: Assess a candidate’s ability to engage with customers and maintain relationships. Evaluate their response to feedback and dispute resolution skills.
  • Communication Tests: Determine their proficiency in expressing themselves clearly and professionally. Ensure the test covers written and verbal communication, attentive listening, and interpretation of visual cues.
  • Negotiation Skill Tests: Assess candidates’ negotiating ability, objection handling, and closing skills. Look for emotional intelligence, effective communication, and influence.
  • Cognitive Ability Tests: Gauge their ability to identify client problems and develop solutions. Evaluate their capacity to prioritize, analyze data, reason, and make inferences from different types of analyses.
  • Time Management Tests: Determine how efficiently they manage multiple demands by evaluating their skills in planning, execution, communication, and self-reflection.

What Technology Can Help Evaluate Remote Sales Candidates?

The advancement of technology has brought about significant changes in the evaluation of remote sales candidates.

Using suitable technological tools, recruiters can streamline the recruitment process and accurately assess candidates’ suitability for remote sales positions.

Here are some technology solutions that can assist in the evaluation of hiring candidates:

  • Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS): ATS systems are valuable in managing recruitment workflows. They automate tasks like sorting resumes, scheduling interviews, and managing communication. ATSs can efficiently parse through resumes to highlight candidates who best match the job criteria, reducing the time spent on manual resume screening.
  • AI-Powered Recruitment Platforms: AI in recruitment can improve hiring efficiency. These platforms use machine learning to analyze resumes and job descriptions, identify suitable candidates, and uncover passive candidates.
  • Video Interviewing Tools: Remote interviews are now standard recruitment, especially for remote roles. Video interviewing platforms enable recruiters to conduct comprehensive interviews without geographical constraints. These tools offer insights into candidates’ communication and soft skills, critical in remote sales roles.
  • Skill Assessments: Skill assessment tools are valuable for evaluating the skills required for a RevOps job. Skill assessments assess candidates’ ability to create ICPs, draft emails and sales scripts, and handle complex sales scenarios. Recruiters can then make informed decisions based on a comprehensive analysis of candidates’ strengths and weaknesses.

How to Overcome Challenges in Remotely Assessing Technical Skills?

Recruiting remote candidates and assessing their technical skills can be challenging due to dishonesty, inaccurate portrayal of skills, and difficulties with identity verification, among other factors, which can negatively impact the hiring process.

However, several practical strategies and tools can be utilized to overcome these challenges and ensure a more reliable and streamlined evaluation of remote sales candidates. 

Key approaches include:

Overcome Challenges in Assessing Remote Candidates


Assessing technical skills in remote sales candidates is more than just checking if they have the necessary technical expertise. It also involves building a team that can work effectively in a remote environment. 

Using appropriate strategies and tools, companies can make informed hiring decisions that lead to success in the digital age.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I assess the technical skills of remote sales candidates during interviews?

  • Use skill assessments, sales aptitude tests, video interview platforms, and communication tests to evaluate candidates’ expertise in CRM, data analysis, sales enablement tools, and presentation skills.

What tools can I use to automate and streamline the recruitment process for remote sales roles?

  • Applicant tracking systems, AI-powered recruitment platforms, and video interviewing tools can help automate screening, identify top candidates, schedule interviews, and evaluate skills remotely.

What strategies can I use to prevent cheating and ensure I get an accurate assessment of candidates’ skills?

  • Implement strict proctoring, use secure browsers, apply time limits, use identity verification, and combine technology with traditional interview methods for a holistic and credible skills view.