How To Avoid Getting Burned By Bad Hires In Sales & Marketing (Employees Or Agencies)


In the Transform Sales Podcast #17 CloudTask’s CEO, Amir Reiter spoke to Kevin Warner, CEO, and Founder at Leadium, about their career paths, the future of sales, and what to expect from employees and agencies when hiring for sales and marketing.

In case you missed it… these are the highlights


Would you briefly introduce yourself, Leadium, and how you broke into the Sales Outsourcing Industry?

As CEO of Leadium, Kevin leads a team dedicated to revolutionizing sales outsourcing and lead generation. With a rich background in tech project management and customer success, Kevin transitioned into sales, eventually founding Leadium. This journey began as he recognized the need for more sophisticated and adaptable sales strategies, prompting the shift to sales outsourcing. Leadium now uses a blend of advanced tools like video demos and personalized outreach to secure high-quality B2B leads for clients.


Who are Leadium’s Best-Fit Customers?

Leadium’s ideal customers are primarily tech companies that require assistance in scaling their sales efforts, especially those with a strong product-market fit and a clear understanding of their target audience. These companies benefit from Leadium’s innovative approach, which includes detailed analysis of potential leads and customized engagement strategies that enhance lead conversion rates.


Let’s talk about a Leadium Success Story

One notable success story involved a client participating in a major tech conference. Leadium was tasked with maximizing the client’s event presence. They began by analyzing the attendee list, filtering it to align perfectly with the client’s ideal customer profile. This targeted approach led to securing around 40 high-quality meetings, which significantly amplified their presence and post-event engagement, translating into tangible business relationships and long-term opportunities.


What are the Top 3 tips you would give Buyers to increase the probability of achieving the result they want with Leadium?


  1. Know Your Metrics and Goals: Buyers should have a clear understanding of their sales metrics and set realistic goals. This allows Leadium to tailor its strategies effectively and ensures alignment with the client’s expectations.

  2. Open Communication and Feedback: Maintaining open communication channels and providing ongoing feedback are crucial. They allow Leadium to refine its approach continually, enhancing the effectiveness of the strategies deployed.

  3. Be Collaborative in Your Approach: Viewing Leadium as an extension of your team is vital. The more context and insights the clients provide, the more effectively Leadium can target potential leads and craft strategies that yield the best results.