How To Retain Customers And Grow Revenue (Using Personalized Messaging)


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In the Transform Sales Podcast #28 CloudTask’s CEO, Amir Reiter spoke to Jeff Harsh, President & CRO at Concept Services about the evolution of the sales industry from the early 2000s to this day, the way he deals with his legacy customers and how he retains customers and maximizes revenue through the personalization of his outreach.

In case you missed it…. these are the highlights

Who are your agency’s best-fit customers (as defined by products they sell and markets they want to sell into)?

“…We found ourselves having a lot of success calling for manufacturing industrial companies and supply chain companies…”

Concept has found success in outsourcing sales for manufacturing, industrial, and supply chain companies, heavy equipment dealers, truck sales, forklift dealers, construction equipment dealers and OEMs. Jeff Harsh, Concept’s President and CRO, believes that these industries provide big ticket items with substantial lead values, resulting in million dollar deals. Concept has established long standing relationships with customers in these industries, and Harsh finds pursuing these spaces worthwhile due to the significant deal values.

What sets your agency apart from other Sales Agencies when it comes to serving your ideal customers?

“…We actually work live out of their salesforce or HubSpot CRM so that our process actually is like embedded into their system…”

As a Salesforce and HubSpot Consulting Partner, Concept works closely with clients who value CRM as a resource and prefer to use Salesforce or HubSpot. They embed their process into their clients’ CRM system, allowing them to not only manage leads but also collect data from their calling efforts. Their Diamond HubSpot Consulting Partner status puts them in the top 3% of partners worldwide, and they’re proud to offer their expertise to clients who share their vision for utilizing CRM to drive sales success.

What are the Top 3 tips you would give Buyers to increase the probability of achieving the result they want FAST with your agency?

  • Don’t fall back into old habits and processes when outsourcing – embrace new strategies for growth. The reason you are exploring lead generation is to grow your business. Don’t compare lead generation to hiring another rep in territory, as they are two completely separate strategies. Focus on finding a Lead Gen agency that can help you achieve your growth goals, and be open to new ideas and approaches that may differ from what you’ve done in the past.
  • Don’t let market fluctuations and fear prevent you from making necessary changes in your business. If the market is up, take advantage of the opportunity to grow and make strategic changes to improve your business. If the market is down, don’t be afraid to make changes to adapt to the new conditions. Avoid being paralyzed by fear and be willing to take calculated risks to drive success. Inaction can be just as damaging as making the wrong move.
  • Ensure that the leads are properly followed up on.  After investing time and resources in developing a lead generation program, make sure to have a clear process in place for lead follow-up, including assigning responsibility and setting expectations for response times. Consistently track and monitor lead progress to ensure that they are being properly nurtured and moved through the sales funnel.