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In the Transform Sales Podcast #84, Eddie Bello, Sales Outsourcing Specialist at CloudTask, interviews Sam Balzan, CEO and Founder of Purple Sales. In this episode, Sam discusses his background in sales and the services offered by Purple Sales. They primarily work with tech companies, especially those in the early stages of funding or looking to expand their sales pipeline. Purple Sales specializes in appointment setting and helps companies get more meetings for their sales teams. They have a proven framework and expertise in completing the missing parts of a company’s sales strategy. Sam Balzan also explains the onboarding process for new clients and the timeline for achieving results.
The dedication to results is evident, as some clients have remained with Purple Sales for over 2+ years and have expressed immense satisfaction with the outcomes.

In case you missed it…. these are the highlights

Would you briefly introduce yourself, Purple Sales, and how you broke into the Sales Outsourcing Industry?

I am Sam Balzan, the CEO and Founder of Purple Sales. My journey began with a strong background in sales, which eventually led me to explore the realm of sales outsourcing. Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of working with various tech companies, including SaaS, assisting them during their crucial early stages of funding. My passion for sales and my experiences in the tech industry played a pivotal role in the inception of Purple Sales, a company dedicated to generating the right prospects for sales teams.

At Purple Sales, we pride ourselves on our expertise in appointment setting. We have a proven framework that fills in the missing parts of a company’s sales strategy. While our initial focus was on tech companies, our success and robust processes have allowed us to branch out and attract businesses from various industries. It’s a testament to our dedication and effectiveness that some of our clients have chosen to stay with us for over two years, expressing immense satisfaction with the results we’ve achieved together.

Who are Purple Sales’ Best-Fit Customers?

“Our best-fit customers at Purple Sales are primarily tech companies, especially those in their early stages of funding or those eager to expand their sales pipeline.”

Initially, our focus was on tech entities like the SAS Company, but with our robust processes, we’ve expanded our reach to cater to businesses across various industries. We’ve always been passionate about aiding tech companies in bolstering their sales pipeline. Geographically, our sweet spot for targeting lies in Canada and the US, with a particular emphasis on the manufacturing and financial services sectors for large enterprises. We’re adept at account-based selling and even set our sights on top-tier companies, such as those listed in the US Fortune 100 and Fortune 500. It’s worth noting that we cater to both growing and well-established companies, understanding that even the latter often venture into acquiring new businesses and developing fresh offerings.

Let’s talk about a Purple Sales Success Story

In our journey at Purple Sales, we’ve had the privilege of working with a diverse range of clients, and I’m proud to say that our efforts have borne fruit. One of the most telling indicators of our success is the longevity of our client relationships. Some of our clients have chosen to partner with us for over two years, and their immense satisfaction with the results we’ve achieved together speaks volumes.

At Purple Sales, we’re known for our multi-channel approach, harnessing the strengths of email, phone calls, and LinkedIn for outreach. By integrating all three channels, we consistently achieve superior results. Our methodology includes a distinct cadence for emails, bolstered by cold calls. We prioritize calls based on cues, like replies, to ensure we’re reaching the most relevant prospects. On LinkedIn, our strategy is dual-pronged: beyond just connecting, we implement sequences to engage potential clients authentically. Starting with us, clients might initially secure around five meetings per month, but our expertise often leads to a notable increase in these figures.

When a company chooses to collaborate with us, they should be aware of the ramp-up period. The first month is crucial, marked by learning the pitch, crafting dedicated landing pages, and honing the messaging. This period also involves warming up emails to ensure optimal engagement. Post this phase, we’re all systems go. Starting with one or two meetings in the first month, we’ve seen this number rise to between eight and fifteen meetings per month as we progress. We believe in a continuous feedback loop, and to facilitate this, we maintain a live Excel spreadsheet, logging every interaction with potential clients. This real-time feedback mechanism allows for on-the-spot optimization. Moreover, we’re big proponents of HubSpot and encourage its use, even offering to help clients migrate if necessary. For those considering partnering with us, it’s worth noting that many have pieces of the sales puzzle already in place. Our role is to help them complete this puzzle, guiding them to the finish line, which, in our world, is a successfully secured appointment.

What are the Top 3 tips you would give Buyers to increase the probability of achieving the result they want with Purple Sales?

Here are the top three tips I would give to buyers to increase the probability of achieving the result they want with our agency, Purple Sales:

1. Preparation and Strategy: Before initiating any campaign, it’s essential to map out a strategy and adapt based on audience feedback during the ramp-up period. This phase helps in understanding the pitch and validating messaging.

2. Active Engagement: While we provide tools to track opportunities, clients should actively nurture the relationships we establish. Their engagement and follow-ups can convert meetings into successful deals.

3. Provide Core Content: We offer expertise in refining and presenting content, but the core message for brochures or landing pages should come from the client. This ensures authenticity and resonates better with the target audience.

In essence, Purple Sales specializes in amplifying prospects for tech firms using a multi-channel approach, emphasizing continuous optimization, and ensuring a structured ramp-up to maximize outreach and sales outcomes.