The Pitfalls of Hiring a Sales Agency: What You Need to Watch Out For


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In the Transform Sales Podcast #37, Amir Reiter spoke to John Karsant, Founder and CEO of LevelUp Leads, about the common pitfalls of B2B companies when hiring a sales agency. John emphasizes the importance of keeping your mind open to new approaches and not expecting a quick fix. 

In case you missed it…. these are the highlights

Who are your agency’s best fit customers (as defined by Products they sell and markets they want to sell into)?

LevelUp Leads’ best-fit customers are SaaS companies that have a unique selling proposition, something that sets them apart from their competitors. The agency’s sweet spot are companies that have between 5 to 75 employees, their team is low on bandwidth, wearing multiple hats, and lacks the expertise to handle the outreach themselves.

LevelUp Leads mainly targets the United States, Canada, and Europe for their campaigns, but they can work around the world.

What are the Top 3 tips you would give Buyers to increase the probability of achieving the result they want FAST with your agency?

“…Hiring an outsourced sales agency is a process. Don’t expect a quick fix or a magic trick…”

Take the time to learn about the companies you will be reaching out to. It’s a snowball effect, so be patient as you get the ball rolling. Do your research before hiring an outsourced sales agency, take time enough to find a good fit for your company and trust in the process.

  • Don’t think there will be zero risk when outsourcing sales. Compared with the risk involved when hiring internally, outsourcing may actually be less risky and more cost-effective in the long run. Set realistic expectations and focus on the value that outsourcing can bring to your business. There’s always a chance it might not work out, but with the right fit and mindset, the rewards can be great.

“…Be open and willing to change when hiring an outsource sales agency. Don’t fall back on what you’ve always done…”

If you hired an agency to improve your results, trust their expertise and give them the authority to make the necessary adjustments. Don’t hinder their efforts by sticking to old habits that weren’t working. If you keep doing the same thing over and over again, you will never get different results. Be open to new approaches and let your outsourced sales agency help you achieve your goals with fresh ideas and strategies.