The Science of Successful B2B Outbound Lead Generation


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In the Transform Sales Podcast #26 Amir Reiter, CEO at Cloudtask spoke to Ben Goldberg, CEO at SalesGig about the common mistakes sales companies make when trying to implement an outbound lead generation campaign. Are you really ready to go outbound?

In case you missed it…. these are the highlights

Who are your agency’s best-fit customers (as defined by products they sell and markets they want to sell into)?

“You go where you know, and I spent a lot of time building successful business om the service side, so I like to play in places that I can add meaningful value…”

Although they also serve SaaS companies, service companies are their ideal customers, because SalesGig’s Founder and CEO Ben Goldberg has extensive experience building successful service businesses. SalesGig’s typical clients are startups and small businesses selling services with revenues ranging from $5 to $50 million. 

What are the Top 3 tips you would give Buyers to increase the probability of achieving the result they want with your agency?

“…Invest in sales training. If your team is struggling to close deals despite having a good number of sales meetings, it’s time to take action…”
  • Align on qualifying criteria with your sales agency. For best results when outsourcing appointment setting, it’s crucial to ensure that you and your agency are aligned on what constitutes a qualified meeting. By doing so, you’ll avoid misunderstandings and achieve the desired results. Make sure you’re both clear about the qualification criteria that will be used, such as the job title, industry, employee count, etc.
  • Focus on creating smooth handoffs between your agency’s SDRs and your internal AEs. During the onboarding process, invest time in aligning on the way SDR activity will be tracked in your CRM and the way meetings should be handed off to AEs. 

    Failing to do (or rushing through) these steps can hinder the success of your sales efforts. But, applying this advice will lead to more effective collaboration over time, the best possible experience for your prospects during sales meetings, and make optimizing your sales processes easier, which ultimately results in better ROI over both the short and long term.