Authenticity and Perseverance: The Keys to Succeed in Sales


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In the Transform Sales Podcast: Life Series #44, Amir Reiter chats with Joe Bosco, Head of Sales at Bottom Line Concepts, about his sales journey, and the obstacles and challenges he has overcome along the way. Joe highlights the critical importance of perseverance and resilience in the face of adversity while pursuing a career in sales. He also underscores the value of authenticity and aligning yourself with a product or service that you’re passionate about. 

In case you missed it…. these are the highlights

Who are you? What is a cool fact about you that no one would know??

I’m Joe Bosco, just a regular guy like everyone else. As the current Head of Sales at Bottom Line Concepts, my role involves managing and training salespeople, while ensuring we hit our financial targets.

Here’s a little-known fact about me: I’ve experienced homelessness three times before securing a stable position in my present career. Throughout those challenging times, I’ve learned that faith, self-belief, and determination are essential ingredients to overcoming obstacles. Each time I hit rock bottom, I made sure to pick myself up, stay motivated, and maintain my unwavering belief in my abilities.

How Did You Get Into Sales?

“…My sales journey began at 16, selling cars with my uncle, and later transitioning to real estate at 18. While my early ventures didn’t quite succed, I knew I was born salesperson…”

Adapting to the digital era, I tried my hand at building websites and online companies. Despite facing failures, each experience taught me valuable lessons and allowed me to grow as a salesperson in both in-person and digital sales.

How Did Sales Change Your Life?

“…Sales has transformed my life financially and personally. Last yeas, when I made my first million, it felt like a massive weight had been lifted off my shoulders. This financial freedom enable me to truly be myself and lice life according to my own desires…”

I could now treat my family to dinners without hesitation and give back to others, which has always been a core aspect of who I am.

Beyond the financial aspect, sales has also had a profound impact on my personal growth. The fear of speaking to people, regardless of their net worth, has vanished. Today, I can step into a room with complete confidence, eager to share my experiences and connect with others. The once-intimidating fear of rejection has gradually dissipated, and I now find it easy to strike up a conversation with anyone about any topic.

What’s your best advice to those considering a career in Sales?

“…For those considering a career in sales, my best advice is to stay true to yourself while constantly learning from mentors and industry leaders. It’s important to avoid putting on a “salesperson persona” and instead, be authentic in your interactions…”

A prime example is how you introduce yourself during a sales call. If your introduction sounds overly salesy or scripted, it’s not an accurate representation of who you are. Instead, aim for a more natural and personal approach, similar to how you would greet a friend.

Many people who have tried and given up on sales may have done so because they tried to conform to a predetermined idea of what sales should look like, instead of staying true to themselves. To thrive in sales, authenticity and fostering genuine connections are paramount. Moreover, it’s vital to gain expertise in the product or service you’re offering. Being knowledgeable and confident in your offering allows you to communicate naturally with potential customers.