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In this episode of the Transform Sales Podcast: Sales Software Review, host Jalen Nelson interviews Aaron Browning, Head of Sales at FrontSpin, a cloud-based sales communication tool. They discuss FrontSpin’s unique features, including its focus on phone as the primary sales communication channel, its local presence feature, and random number generation for cold calling. Browning also highlights FrontSpin’s ability to integrate with other tools like Salesforce and Vidyard, and its commitment to providing excellent training and support. The episode provides insight into how FrontSpin can help sales professionals engage more prospects and close deals more efficiently.

In case you missed it…. these are the highlights

What is FrontSpin, and how would you describe it?

Frontspin is a cloud-based sales communication tool that enhances engagement with prospects and customers, focusing primarily on phone communication. It’s designed for businesses that value energetic, phone-based interactions, enabling users to engage more prospects in less time and increase deal closures, thus accelerating sales processes.

Our platform serves as a comprehensive sales engagement tool, integrating phone calls, texts, automatic emails, and social touches into a unified Playbook. This makes Frontspin particularly suitable for agencies managing lead generation for multiple clients, as it efficiently handles diverse data sets and workflows. We’ve also developed features to ensure outbound sales calls are not wrongly flagged as spam, maintaining the effectiveness of phone-based outreach.

Frontspin stands out for its competitive pricing and integration capabilities. With a cost of $122.50 per user per month for unlimited usage, it integrates seamlessly with Salesforce and other platforms like Gong and Chorus. This positions Frontspin as an efficient, cost-effective solution for businesses and agencies focused on maximizing their phone-based sales strategies.

What type of buyers does FrontSpin serve best?

At Frontspin, we primarily serve buyers in the B2B sales and lead generation sector, with a special focus on those who emphasize phone-based communication in their sales strategies. Our platform is particularly beneficial for sales agencies managing lead generation for multiple clients. We excel in handling the complex data sets and workflows that are unique to agencies juggling various campaigns for different clients.

Businesses that consider phone calls a critical component of their sales strategy find Frontspin especially useful. Our tool is designed to make phone-based outreach more efficient and effective, enhancing the overall productivity of sales teams. This focus on telephonic communication aligns well with companies that rely heavily on direct calls for sales and customer engagement.

This makes Frontspin a valuable tool for professionals in B2B sales who are looking to maximize their sales efforts and drive better results.

What does FrontSpin help them do that they couldn’t do before FrontSpin existed?

Frontspin has introduced significant advancements in the sales communication domain, addressing challenges that users and buyers previously faced. One of the primary benefits of Frontspin is the enhanced efficiency it brings to sales communication. Prior to Frontspin, engaging with a large number of prospects efficiently was a considerable challenge. Sales professionals had to rely on multiple, less integrated tools for managing phone calls, emails, and other communication channels. Frontspin consolidates these functions into a single platform, allowing users to interact with more prospects in less time, thereby increasing productivity and potential sales outcomes.

Another area where Frontspin has made a substantial impact is in streamlining lead generation for agencies handling multiple clients. Before Frontspin, managing diverse data sets and workflows for different clients was a complex task, often requiring the use of several disjointed tools. This not only made the process cumbersome but also time-consuming. With Frontspin, agencies can now manage these tasks more efficiently through a unified platform. This integration simplifies the lead generation process, making it more manageable and less prone to errors, which was a significant hurdle in the past.

Moreover, Frontspin addresses the modern challenges of phone-based sales communication, particularly in overcoming obstacles like outbound calls being mistakenly flagged as spam. This issue has become increasingly prevalent due to regulatory changes and has made effective phone communication more difficult. Frontspin’s unique features ensure that sales calls reach their intended recipients, maintaining the effectiveness of phone-based outreach in a challenging environment. This capability represents a significant advancement over previous limitations, where sales teams had fewer resources to combat such issues.

In summary, Frontspin has revolutionized sales communication by providing a more efficient, integrated, and effective tool for managing sales communications and lead generation activities, overcoming challenges that were once significant barriers in the sales industry.

How should users measure success with FrontSpin?

Measuring success with Frontspin can be approached through several key metrics that reflect the efficiency and effectiveness of your sales processes:

1. Increased Engagement Rates: Users should monitor the increase in the number of prospects they are able to engage with daily or weekly. A significant rise in these numbers indicates successful utilization of Frontspin’s efficient communication tools.

2. Improved Conversion Rates: Track the conversion rates from initial contacts to qualified leads, and then to closed deals. An uptick in these rates can be attributed to more effective communication and follow-up strategies enabled by Frontspin.

3. Enhanced Productivity Metrics: Evaluate the productivity of your sales team by measuring metrics like calls made, emails sent, and meetings scheduled. Frontspin’s integrated platform aims to streamline these activities, so a noticeable improvement in these figures signifies successful adoption and utilization of the tool.

4. Reduced Time on Administrative Tasks: Assess the time saved on administrative tasks, such as data entry and managing multiple communication channels. Frontspin’s all-in-one platform should result in more time for actual sales activities, which is a key indicator of success.

5. Customer Feedback and Satisfaction: Pay attention to feedback from your sales team and customers. Positive feedback and increased customer satisfaction are strong indicators that Frontspin is adding value to your sales process.

6. Return on Investment (ROI): Finally, calculate the ROI of using Frontspin. This involves comparing the cost of the tool against the increase in sales revenue and efficiency gains. A positive ROI is a clear indicator of success.

By monitoring these metrics, users can effectively gauge the success and impact of Frontspin on their sales operations.