AnyBiz: The Ultimate Solution for Lead Generation with AI Sales Agents

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The Transform Sales Podcast: Sales Software Review #96 features Daniel Shnaider, CEO and Co-Founder of A tool born out of the need to simplify and streamline the lead generation process. But AnyBiz is not just a tool; it’s an AI sales agent that learns, adapts, and creates personalized sequences for each prospect.

Daniel delved into how AnyBiz stands out from other platforms. While it uses GPT algorithms like others, it’s their unique AI, developed over six to seven years, that sets them apart. This AI doesn’t just mimic human behavior; it learns from it, continuously improving its strategies for converting leads.

The innovative CEO gave us a live demo, creating a campaign for (A software company he also co-founded). It’s fascinating how the AI agents gather data, generate messages, and even help continue the conversation.

In case you missed it…. these are the highlights

What is AnyBiz, and how would you describe it?

Our product is an AI sales agent; it’s not just another tool. is a full-fledged agent that generates leads for your business. Unlike traditional tools that assist in email writing or other tasks, our AI agent is a real personality that takes care of the entire lead generation process for you.

We’ve developed our own algorithms, leveraging over a decade of AI research, to ensure that each prospect in the world will have its own unique, never-ending sequence. This AI agent learns every day and knows better than any SDR what the next step should be to convert a lead into a demo or sale.

What type of buyers does AnyBiz best?

Our ideal customers are small businesses and startups, specifically those with a workforce of up to 50 employees. In these settings, the founder often plays a direct role in the sales process, making our AI sales agent a valuable addition to the team.

“…Our platform also excels as an additional resource for small sales teams. In some cases, companies have even considered replacing their human SDRs with our AI agent due to the efficiency and results we deliver.

What does AnyBiz help them do that they couldn’t do before AnyBiz existed?

Before Anybiz, small businesses and startups had to rely on traditional SDRs who needed extensive knowledge in email deliverability, automation, and relationship-building to be successful. The process was time-consuming and required multiple tools for different tasks.

With Anybiz, these companies can now automate the entire lead generation process through a single AI sales agent. This agent not only performs tasks but learns and optimizes its actions, essentially doing more, faster, and smarter than a human SDR. It comes with the added advantage of working 24/7, requiring no additional tools, and costing significantly less.

How should users measure success with AnyBiz?

Success with Anybiz can be measured by the number and quality of leads generated for your business. Our AI sales agent is designed to optimize its actions daily, learning from previous activities to improve lead conversion rates.

Another key metric is the efficiency gained in your sales process. With Anybiz, you’re essentially automating tasks that would otherwise require multiple tools and human intervention. This allows you to focus on other critical aspects of your business, making the $150 per month per agent a cost-effective investment.