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The Transform Sales Podcast: Sales Software Review #98 features Eric Nowoslawski, Head of Growth at Clay. Eric explains how Clay consolidates multiple data integrations and APIs into one platform, eliminating the need for coding or scraping tools. He demonstrates how Clay can enrich data using integrations with tools like LinkedIn, and shares tips on using Google search operators effectively. Eric also discusses Clay’s roadmap for the next six months, emphasizing their focus on enhancing user experience and improving prospecting functionality. He mentions Clay’s ability to integrate with various data providers, offering high-quality data.

In case you missed it…. these are the highlights

What is your product, and how would you describe it?

Clay is a new type of data workflow tool that enables any team to find the right data, graph custom workflows, and automate their go-to-market strategy. It simplifies the process of connecting APIs with multiple data integrations by providing everything in one spreadsheet, specifically tailored for sales. This tool is ideal for companies engaged in outbound prospecting or those conducting inbound research. Clay places scraping capabilities, coding capabilities, and multiple data integrations into the hands of the everyday salesperson, making these advanced functionalities accessible to a broader range of users and enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in sales and marketing efforts.

What type of buyers do you serve best?

Our ideal clientele primarily consists of companies deeply engaged in outbound prospecting. We excel in serving businesses that are proactively reaching out to potential clients or customers to fuel their sales initiatives. Our platform is particularly beneficial for these organizations, as it streamlines and automates the process of reaching out, making their sales efforts more efficient and effective.

Additionally, we are a perfect fit for organizations that handle a significant volume of inbound research.

“…If your company is dealing with an overabundance of incoming leads or inquiries and you find yourself conducting manual research to process these leads, Clay is designed to simplify and accelerate this process.

We are especially valuable in the B2B sector, where the demand for detailed and accurate data is crucial for successful outreach and engagement. Our tool is tailored to enhance the capabilities of B2B companies, aiding them in automating and optimizing their data workflows for more effective market strategies.

What does it help them do that they couldn’t do before your software existed?

Clay, revolutionizes the way sales teams operate. Before Clay, sales teams faced significant challenges in data integration and automation. They needed to be adept at using no-code tools, scraping tools, and even some coding to effectively gather and utilize data for their sales strategies. This often required the assistance of an engineer, making the process cumbersome and less accessible for the average salesperson.

Clay changes this dynamic entirely. It empowers sales teams by placing scraping capabilities, coding, and multiple data integrations into the hands of everyday salespeople. This means that even those without technical expertise can now access and leverage complex data sets with ease. The tool simplifies the process of gathering and using data, enabling sales teams to execute more sophisticated and effective strategies without needing specialized technical skills. This democratization of data tools within the sales process is a game-changer, making advanced data strategies accessible to a broader range of businesses and individuals.

How should users measure success with your product?

It is not just about the immediate outcomes of the campaigns you launch; it’s about the broader capabilities and efficiencies it brings to your marketing and research efforts. For instance, we’ve seen users experience increased response rates and receive more positive feedback from the messages they send using Clay. This is a testament to the effectiveness of the personalized and targeted approach enabled by our platform.

However, it’s important to remember that Clay is a tool that enhances your capabilities. It’s like hiring an exceptional growth marketer and researcher who can put together any campaign you want. If the first few campaigns are just okay, it’s not necessarily a reflection on the tool itself, but perhaps on the strategy or ideas behind those campaigns. Clay provides you with a wealth of data points and the ability to execute ideas much faster than you could without it. So, when measuring success, consider both the immediate results and the long-term enhancements in your ability to execute campaigns and strategies.