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Sales Software Review - Pipeline Signals

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In the Transform Sales Podcast: Sales Software Review #90, Jamie Shanks, CEO of Pipeline Signals, shares his background in sales and how he started his own consultancy, eventually leading to the creation of Pipeline Signals. They primarily target companies with complex B2B sales organizations in the technology, telecom, and professional services sectors. Pipeline Signals offers training and a technology called Signals to help account executives improve their prospecting efforts and build a stronger pipeline. Jamie discusses a success story with Snowflake and explains the pricing structure and onboarding process. They also provide reporting on learning and outcome metrics.

In case you missed it…. these are the highlights

What is Pipeline Signals, and how would you describe it?

Pipeline Signals is an “Enablement as a Service” company designed to empower account executives in self-sourcing their sales opportunities. We offer a dual approach: specialized training programs and a technology called “Signals,” which provides real-time job change data within your customer base and new executive appointments in prospects globally. Our aim is to boost your pipeline coverage by 20% within six to twelve months. This service is subscription-based, allowing for unlimited users and account monitoring. We integrate seamlessly into your CRM, making the data actionable. Our service is particularly beneficial for companies in technology, telecom, and professional services sectors with complex B2B sales processes.

What type of buyers does Pipeline Signals serve best?

We serve companies with complex B2B sales organizations, particularly in the technology, telecom, and professional services sectors. Our focus is on account executives who are struggling to self-source their opportunities. These are typically companies where less than 50% of the sales pipeline is coming from marketing or other channels, and the account executives need to fill the gap themselves. So, if you have a sales team that’s been away from the prospecting game or struggling to open doors, Pipeline Signals is designed for you. We’re all about reinvigorating your sales machine.

What does Pipeline Signals help them do that they couldn’t do before your Pipeline Signals?

Before Pipeline Signals existed, account executives often struggled with identifying and acting on self-sourced opportunities. They were limited by the data they could see, often just the tip of their nose, and had no way to cross-reference and correlate intelligence across a large number of accounts. Our software changes that. We not only provide real-time job change data and new executive appointments but also integrate this intelligence directly into your CRM. This makes the data actionable right away.

Moreover, we offer specialized training programs that go hand-in-hand with this data. It’s not just about having information; it’s about knowing what to do with it.

“…We certify your sales reps every quarter based on outcome-based metrics, essentially forcing the function of creating new pipeline coverage. So, we’re not just giving you data; we’re enabling your team to turn that data into real opportunities…”

It’s a complete package that transforms your sales prospecting from a hit-or-miss activity into a targeted, effective process.

How should users measure success with Pipeline Signals?

Success with Pipeline Signals should be measured through a combination of learning and outcomes. On the learning side, we track who’s attending the training sessions, who’s participating in coaching calls, and what questions are being asked. This helps you understand the internal challenges your team may be facing. On the outcome side, we look at actionable metrics like how many signals have been delivered, who’s acting on those signals, and what stages those opportunities are in within your CRM.

The ultimate KPI is pipeline coverage. Our goal is to increase your pipeline coverage by 20% within six to twelve months. This is a tangible metric that directly correlates with your sales team’s ability to meet and exceed quotas. So, if you’re seeing a significant increase in pipeline coverage and opportunities created, you’ll know that Pipeline Signals is delivering on its promise.