How Can Revolutionize Your Email Deliverability?

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In this episode of the Transform Sales Podcast: Sales Software Review, Michael Maximoff, Co-Founder of Folderly, talks about their email success platform designed to improve email reputation and deliverability, initially created to support Belkins’ SDR agency, called Folderly. Michael highlights Folderly’s features, including analysis of domain and mailbox reputation, blacklist status, DNS settings, and spam triggers, as well as its user-friendly interface suitable for various clients. Michael acknowledges the importance of understanding email reputation for business owners. Michael also provides a demo, discusses pricing, and offers discounts to podcast listeners who reach out on LinkedIn.

In case you missed it…. these are the highlights

What is Folderly, and how would you describe it?

Folderly is an email success platform. We initially developed it for our Outsource SDR agency, Belkins, focusing on email marketing and cold emailing. The main challenge we faced was emails hitting spam folders and burning out domains and mailboxes. To tackle this, we created a process to maintain a healthy email reputation for our domains and mailboxes. When we encountered issues with email deliverability or reputation, we learned how to fix them without needing to change domains or mailboxes.

We started automating this process, and in 2019, we realized that this solution could benefit not just Belkins but other companies engaged in extensive cold emailing. So, we decided to build it as a platform. We invested millions of dollars, reinvesting all the profits from Belkins into developing this software. This investment was crucial in the success of our email campaigns at Belkins.

Folderly works by analyzing your current email reputation, including your domain, mailboxes, blacklist status, DNS, and spam issues. It then provides a score and reputation ranking and offers solutions to fix any problems identified. The goal is to ensure high email deliverability and prevent emails from landing in spam folders.

It’s important to note that Folderly is not an outreach tool; it doesn’t send emails. Instead, it focuses on the email deliverability aspect. We realized that while there are tools good at sending emails, there was a lack of knowledge in the market about maintaining good email deliverability at scale. Folderly is designed to fill this gap, offering a 360-degree solution for email success.

In summary, Folderly is a comprehensive email success platform designed to improve email deliverability and overall campaign effectiveness, thereby enhancing sales and lead generation outcomes.

What type of buyers does Folderly serve best?

I can say that we serve two main types of buyers very effectively:

  • B2B Buyers: These are clients who have sales teams, including SDRs (Sales Development Representatives) and BDRs (Business Development Representatives), and who use email as one of their primary channels for outreach and lead generation. This category often includes companies that are already familiar with tools like Outreach, Sales Loft, Salesforce, and others for managing email cadences and cold emailing campaigns. Our B2B clients range from those with just one SDR to teams of 50-100 SDRs sending a high volume of emails at scale.
  • Direct-to-Consumer (B2C) Buyers: These are typically retail and eCommerce brands, or any direct-to-consumer brands that have a significant volume of newsletters and warm outreach emails. They have large subscriber bases and need to ensure that their emails are effectively reaching their audience. For instance, a company with a MailChimp list of 1 million subscribers sending out newsletters would greatly benefit from Folderly to ensure high deliverability and avoid spam issues.

In both cases, Folderly provides a solution that helps these businesses ensure their emails reach their intended recipients, thereby improving their overall email marketing effectiveness and, ultimately, their sales and customer engagement.

What does Folderly help them do that they couldn’t do before Folderly existed?

Before the advent of Folderly, businesses engaging in email marketing often grappled with the challenge of understanding and improving their email deliverability. They frequently encountered issues like emails landing in spam folders or suffering from low deliverability rates, without a clear understanding of the underlying causes. Traditional methods to address these issues were largely manual and time-consuming, making it difficult for businesses, especially those sending emails at scale, to effectively manage their email reputation. This lack of clarity and control over email deliverability posed a significant hurdle in reaching their target audience effectively.

Folderly revolutionized this aspect of email marketing by offering an automated, comprehensive solution for analyzing and improving email reputation. It provides detailed insights into various factors affecting email deliverability, such as domain and mailbox status, blacklist status, DNS, and spam issues. More importantly,

making it a game-changer for businesses engaged in large-scale email campaigns, who can now enjoy enhanced email marketing effectiveness and better engagement with their customers.

How should users measure success with Folderly?

I recommend that users measure success with our product through a few key metrics:

  • Email Deliverability Rate: This is a critical metric. Users should see a significant improvement in the rate at which their emails are successfully delivered to their recipients’ inboxes. Before using Folderly, many emails might have landed in spam folders or been blocked altogether. A successful outcome with Folderly would be a noticeable decrease in these issues, leading to a higher percentage of emails reaching the inbox.
  • Open and Response Rates: Another important measure of success is an increase in open and response rates of email campaigns. Since Folderly helps ensure that emails are not marked as spam, more recipients are likely to see and open these emails. An increase in these rates indicates that the emails are not only reaching the inbox but are also engaging enough for recipients to open and respond to them.
  • Reduction in Spam Complaints and Blacklisting: Users should monitor for a decrease in the number of spam complaints and instances of being blacklisted by email service providers. Folderly’s role in improving email reputation should lead to a reduction in these negative markers.
  • Overall Campaign Performance: Ultimately, the success of Folderly should be reflected in the overall performance of email marketing campaigns. This includes metrics like conversion rates, the number of leads generated, and the effectiveness of email outreach in driving sales or other desired actions.