Revolutionizing Email Validation for Sales and Marketing

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In this episode of the Transform Sales Podcast: Sales Software Review, Nick Abraham introduces, an email validation platform designed for B2B sales and marketing. Scrubby stands out by validating catchall and risky emails, potentially reclaiming 40-60% of an email list. It’s essential for anyone in B2B data, cold outreach, and emailing. Scrubby is used by their lead generation agency, sending over a million emails monthly. Nick discusses its ideal customers, the wide client range, and measures of success like reduced bounce rates. He explains Scrubby’s simple use, API integration, and 24/7 support. Pricing starts at $97/month, with a pay-as-you-go option forthcoming. The host recommends Scrubby for improving email outreach.

In case you missed it…. these are the highlights

What is, and how would you describe it?

Scrubby is an email validation platform that differentiates itself by its ability to validate catch-all and risky emails. This feature is what sets us apart from most email validation tools, which typically categorize emails into valid, invalid, or catchall/risky and often lead to discarding the latter due to high bounce rates. With Scrubby, users can reclaim 40 to 60% of their email list that they would otherwise lose.

The genesis of Scrubby came from our own need in our B2B lead generation agency, where we faced the challenge of a significant portion of our email lists being categorized as catchall or risky. Recognizing the potential in validating these types of emails, we developed Scrubby to tap into this unutilized segment, thereby enhancing email outreach effectiveness and lead generation for our clients.

What type of buyers does serve best?

We serve a broad range of buyers, but we particularly excel in assisting those involved in B2B data and cold outreach. Our platform is especially beneficial for sales and marketing professionals who are looking to maximize the effectiveness of their email campaigns. By enabling them to validate and utilize catch-all and risky emails, we help them expand their contact lists and improve their outreach success. This makes Scrubby an ideal tool for anyone in a sales or marketing role, particularly those in revenue operations, who are seeking to enhance their email marketing strategies and lead generation efforts.

Additionally, Scrubby is highly valuable for businesses of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises, who rely on email as a key communication channel. Our tool is particularly effective for those who regularly acquire email lists from data providers and need to ensure maximum deliverability and response rates. By using Scrubby, these businesses can significantly reduce email bounce rates and improve the overall ROI of their email marketing campaigns.

What does help them do that they couldn’t do before existed?

Before Scrubby existed, businesses faced a significant challenge with email validation, particularly when dealing with catch-all and risky emails. These types of emails were often discarded due to high bounce rates, leading to a substantial loss of potential contacts.

Essentially, Scrubby empowers businesses to tap into a previously inaccessible segment of their email lists, enhancing their outreach efforts and opening up new opportunities for engagement and lead generation.

How should users measure success with

Users should measure success with Scrubby based on the improved deliverability and effectiveness of their email campaigns. The key metric to focus on is the reduction in email bounce rates. By using Scrubby to validate catch-all and risky emails, users can see a significant decrease in bounces when they send out their campaigns.

Another measure of success is the increase in the usable size of their email lists. Since Scrubby can recover 40 to 60% of emails that would typically be discarded, users should see a notable expansion in their contact lists, leading to more opportunities for outreach and engagement.

Finally, the overall response rate and engagement from email campaigns can be a strong indicator of success. With more accurate and validated email lists, users can expect higher open rates and better engagement, ultimately leading to more effective email marketing and lead generation efforts.