Leveraging FlyTech: Maximizing ROI on Digital Marketing and B2B Lead Gen

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In episode #127 of the Transform Sales Podcast: Sales Software Review, Amir Reiter interviews Dean Shapero, CEO of FlyTech, about his company’s software that enhances B2B digital marketing and lead generation. They discuss FlyTech’s ability to personalize outreach by tracking specific leads interacting with ads, thereby improving sales effectiveness. Dean highlights the integration of marketing and sales, aiming to create a unified revenue team. The ideal FlyTech customer includes growth-stage software and service companies. The episode wraps up with Dean inviting listeners to connect with him on LinkedIn for insights into the ad tech and marketing tech ecosystem.

In case you missed it.... these are the highlights

What is FlyTech, and how would you describe it?

FlyTech is a pioneering software company that has developed an innovative platform specifically designed to enhance the efficacy of digital advertising. Our core product focuses on identifying and tracking individual leads who interact with ads across various digital platforms such as social media, YouTube, and more. This capability allows businesses to gain a deeper understanding of who their audience truly is and which aspects of their content are capturing attention. By providing precise data on user engagement, FlyTech helps marketers and advertisers streamline their strategies to target the most promising prospects effectively.

Beyond simply tracking clicks, FlyTech’s software enables a richer, more personalized marketing and sales approach. With our detailed insights, companies can tailor their communications based on the specific content leads have engaged with, creating a more customized interaction that resonates on a personal level. This targeted approach not only improves the quality of leads but also enhances the overall efficiency of the sales process. By bridging the gap between marketing and sales, FlyTech fosters a more integrated revenue team, ensuring that every marketing dollar spent is maximized for the best possible return on investment.


What type of buyers does FlyTech serve best?

FlyTech serves best buyers who are primarily involved in enterprise and mid-market sales cycles, where the sales process often includes multiple demonstrations and a significant degree of personalized engagement. These organizations typically benefit the most from our software because they have complex sales motions that require a deep understanding of each prospect’s specific interests and needs.

Our ideal customer profile includes companies with a strong revenue team mindset, where marketing and sales are not siloed but work seamlessly together. These companies are often in growth stages, where they are expanding their sales teams beyond the founders and initial core group. They value precise, efficient lead generation and nurturing processes that can significantly boost their sales effectiveness. Additionally, our platform is particularly beneficial for those with higher average contract values, where the stakes are substantial, and personalized outreach can dramatically influence the sales outcome.


What does FlyTech help them do that they couldn’t do before FlyTech existed?

Before our platform existed, many companies struggled with generic, impersonal marketing that failed to effectively engage potential customers. They faced limitations in utilizing data from digital ads, often only seeing aggregated metrics like click rates or impressions, without knowing who was actually engaging with the content.

Our software revolutionizes this process by enabling companies to see precisely who is clicking on their ads and what specific content they are interacting with upon reaching the landing pages. This level of detail, previously unavailable, allows businesses to personalize their outreach in ways that were not possible before. For example, a sales team can now tailor their follow-up calls or emails based on the actual interests shown by a potential customer, rather than using a one-size-fits-all approach.

Additionally, our solution helps integrate marketing and sales efforts into a cohesive revenue team, breaking down traditional silos. This integrated approach allows for a smoother user journey, where each interaction with a prospect is informed by detailed data on their previous engagements, significantly enhancing the effectiveness of both marketing and sales initiatives. This targeted and personalized strategy not only increases conversion rates but also improves the efficiency of marketing spend by focusing efforts on the most promising leads.


How should users measure success with FlyTech?

Users should measure success by focusing on several key metrics that directly reflect the enhanced capabilities our software provides. First and foremost, the number of identified leads who are actively engaging with ads is a primary indicator. This metric demonstrates our effectiveness in pinpointing specific individuals interested in the content, providing a solid foundation for personalized marketing and sales strategies.

Secondly, the conversion rates from these identified leads are crucial. With our highly targeted and personalized outreach based on user-specific interactions, businesses should see a higher conversion rate compared to generic outreach methods. This increase is a direct result of more relevant and engaging communication with prospects.

Another important success metric is the efficiency of the sales process. Users should monitor the decrease in time from lead generation to closing deals, as our software helps prioritize leads that show high intent and engagement. This streamlined process should lead to quicker sales cycles.

Finally, the ROI from marketing and advertising spend should be evaluated. Our targeted approach allows businesses to allocate their budgets more effectively, focusing on leads that are most likely to convert and thus maximizing the return on each dollar spent. The ability to track this effectiveness through improved lead quality and conversion rates should clearly demonstrate the value of our solution.