RB2B: Identifying Website Visitors and Generating High-Intent Leads

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In episode #128 of the Transform Sales Podcast: Sales Software Review, Amir Reiter interviews Adam Robinson, CEO of RB2B, about their innovative technology that identifies website visitors to generate leads. They discuss the product’s ability to track visitor activity, provide individual profiles, and integrate with tools like HubSpot for real-time engagement. The potential for enhancing sales and marketing strategies is evident. Adam showcases the technology live, emphasizing its simplicity and effectiveness. He invites listeners to try RB2B, aiming to offer it for free to most users and concludes by encouraging the audience to leverage their website traffic for revenue generation.

In case you missed it.... these are the highlights

What is RB2B, and how would you describe it?

Our company is dedicated to transforming how businesses identify and engage with their website visitors. By leveraging advanced technology, we allow companies to capture LinkedIn profiles and business email addresses of individuals visiting their websites, even when they don’t fill out any forms. This data is seamlessly pushed to a Slack channel, providing businesses with instant access to high-intent leads. Our goal is to bridge the gap between website traffic and actionable sales opportunities, making it easier for businesses to connect with potential clients who have already shown interest in their offerings.

Our technology stands out by taking visitor identification to a personal level, unlike traditional reverse IP lookup tools that only identify the visiting company. With our solution, businesses can directly see and interact with the specific individuals visiting their sites, complete with LinkedIn URLs and headshots. This personalized insight allows sales teams to engage more effectively, ensuring higher conversion rates and more meaningful interactions. In essence, we enhance outbound sales efforts, helping businesses grow by turning anonymous website visitors into valuable leads.


What type of buyers does RB2B serve best?

Our solution serves best those buyers who have significant U.S. traffic on their websites and are looking to enhance their outbound sales efforts. Our primary target is SaaS revenue leaders who already have an established sales funnel and know how to book outbound demos. These businesses benefit the most from our technology because they can integrate the high-intent leads we identify into their existing sales processes, resulting in higher conversion rates and more efficient sales operations.

Additionally, our tool is valuable for any revenue leader involved in various marketing and sales activities, such as content marketing, webinars, email marketing, SEO, PPC advertising, and account-based marketing. We provide these leaders with actionable insights by revealing the specific individuals visiting their sites, thus allowing for more personalized and effective outreach. While small businesses with minimal traffic can still find value in seeing who visits their site, our most successful users are those who are adept at leveraging this data to drive sales and grow their business.


What does RB2B help them do that they couldn’t do before RB2B existed?

RB2B helps businesses identify and engage with specific individuals visiting their websites, a capability they couldn’t achieve with traditional tools. Before RB2B, companies could only use reverse IP lookup technology, which identified visitors at the company level, leaving sales teams to guess which individuals were interested. This method was less efficient and required significant effort to target the right person within an organization.

With RB2B, businesses can now directly see the LinkedIn profiles and business email addresses of website visitors, complete with headshots, in real-time through a Slack channel. This allows for immediate and personalized outreach, significantly enhancing the effectiveness of sales efforts. By providing detailed individual-level data, RB2B enables businesses to convert website traffic into high-intent leads more efficiently, improving their overall sales pipeline and reducing the cost and effort associated with traditional lead generation methods.


How should users measure success with RB2B?

Users should measure success with RB2B by evaluating the increase in high-intent leads and the impact on their sales pipeline. One key metric is the number of demos or sales meetings booked as a direct result of identifying website visitors through RB2B. By tracking the conversion rates of these leads compared to traditional cold outreach, users can gauge the effectiveness of the tool.

Another important measure is the overall engagement and interaction with identified leads. Users can monitor the increase in positive responses and meaningful conversations initiated through personalized outreach. Additionally, integrating RB2B data with their CRM and marketing automation tools can help users analyze the influence on their entire sales funnel, from initial contact to closed deals. By comparing these metrics over time and against their previous performance, users can assess the tangible benefits RB2B brings to their revenue generation efforts.